Gender Fluidity

1 Manger for Mary's boy
5 One of two ways
8 "Ed Wood" role
12 Cole Porter's Indiana hometown
13 Slice of wry
15 Go off, on Broadway
16 Judy Garland, to many
17 Words before "music," to Britten
18 In the pink
19 Beginning of why Stella considers herself to be a woman, on "OITNB"
22 Peter and more
23 "Pretty in Pink" setting
24 Shoe part
27 Straight men fear to drop them in the shower
31 Put down
34 Event requiring metal balls
36 Thumbs-down votes
37 Come slowly closer
39 "The thing with feathers" in a Dickinson poem
40 Giant outfielder Mel
41 More of Stella's reason
43 Cruising area
44 Ready to hit the sack
46 More of Stella's reason
47 Emulated Miriam Margolyes
49 Grout may separate them
51 Ejaculate, e.g.
52 With 57-Across, actress who plays Stella
53 Military doctor
57 See 52-Across
59 Univ. e-mail ending
60 End of Stella's reason
62 Third degree, often
63 Reno action
64 Some money from Melissa to Tammy Lynn
65 Warts prefix for Harry Potter?
66 Wall St. group
67 Thaw with Nureyev's land
68 Frat hazing prop

1 Inflation meas.
2 Perform a decorator's task
3 Do some pressing work
4 Places where you never get to second base
5 Releases from bondage
6 Campus mil. org.
7 Coming soon
8 Huge thing
9 Digital-rectal, for example
10 Tomlin of "Grandma"
11 Didn't fast
13 ID for Sandra Scoppettone
14 Cole Porter's "Brush Up ___ Shakespeare"
20 Prison part
21 Matching notes for Bernstein?
24 "Lead ___ into temptation"
25 Shakespeare's "To thine own self be true" and such
26 Render unto Caesar, e.g.
28 Smee's version of "epiphany" in "Hook"
29 Hand job at times?
30 Home extension
32 Gaydar, for example
33 ___ Mae Brown
34 Kind of gin
35 Rooster in drag, seemingly
38 Hollywood VIP
41 Inspired writing
42 Type of sucker
45 "In the Steps of Mr. Proust" author Stanley
48 Scar, in "The Lion King," for example
50 Word from Tom Bianchi, perhaps
51 Hound's trail
52 "Queen of Country" McEntire
54 Put out
55 Bas relief of Eleanor's husband
56 Lay ___ the line
58 Beat, but barely
60 "When I was a ___…"
61 Easter egg application

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