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AFA sends message to Pride participants: ‘Homeo, homeo wherefore art though‘ spellcheck?

By | 2007-06-07T09:00:00-04:00 June 7th, 2007|News|

FERNDALE – The humm of the engine could be heard overhead and as eyes looked up, there was a plane pulling a message behind it which read, “JESUS CHRIST: HOPE FOR HOMEOSEXUALS.COM”
“It’s ironic that in promoting a form of new age communication, the American Family Association forgot to utilize one of the greatest new age communication tools – spell-check,” said Greg Varnum of the Triangle Foundation.
Varnum spared no time in connecting to the web and purchasing the mispelled URL which now directs people to the Triangle Foundation web site.
“Whether you’re homeosexual or homosexual, Triangle Foundation is certainly happy to be here offering hope,” is the message you will find on the home page.
“Talk about a waste of AFA donor dollars. Not only are Motor City Pride participants uninterested in the web site they were supposed to be promoting, they’re not even promoting the right site,” said Varnum.
Never tiring of gay bashing though, Gary Glenn of the AFA Michigan chapter thought up the scheme which basically raises money from his supporters, helping him pull one more hate sponsored paycheck.
“Gary Glenn paid for marketing of a web site address that didn’t yet exist. So Triangle Foundation felt we should help him out by giving that web site address a good home,” smiled Varnum.

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Susan Horowitz
Susan Horowitz is editor and publisher of Between The Lines/Pridesource.