Alexander Skarsgård Enjoys a Gay Old Time at Gay Club and We're Here For It

Sweden is just bragging at this point with its universal healthcare and random Skarsgård sightings

Sarah Bricker Hunt

Look, we’re not here to definitively answer the question on many wishful people’s minds right now: Is Alexander Skarsgård gay?

Because honestly, we don’t know — only Alexander can and should answer that question. What we do know is that he is clearly very comfortable with intimate, same-sex affection.

Maybe his recent fun night out at Club Backdoor, a gay bar (in case it wasn't apparent by the name) in Sweden, where he was spotted wearing a “Drag Race” Vanity Vain tee and dancing and kissing men (on the cheek — some of these media outlets need to calm down) meant something about his sexuality. And maybe it didn’t. Either way, we love to see it. The world simply needs more love and affection. 

Vanity Vain herself posted to Instagram about Skarsgård’s adventures at Backdoor, which is apparently Scandanavia’s biggest gay club. “Hollywood kissed me and wore my merch 🫣 #alexanderskarsgard,” Vanity posted. 

While we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t love to officially welcome Skarsgård into the LGBTQ+ fold, either way the incident reminds us of the time in 2016 when the “Zoolander” and “True Blood” star sat down with Pride Source Editorial Director Chris Azzopardi to discuss his famed missing loincloth in “The Legend of Tarzan,” where Skarsgård played the scantily clad jungle hunk.

“I do all my phoners in a loincloth,” he joked before clarifying, “I do all my boners in loincloths.” 

During the interview, the always charming actor dished on his approach to shooting sex scenes (one should just “dive in”) and shared his thoughts on playing a cross-dresser in “Kill Your Darlings” and dressing in Farrah Fawcett drag for the premiere of “Diary of a Teenage Girl.”

“I think it’s tough with a dude who’s 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds. And with those heels, I was like 7 feet tall,” he said, adding that dressing in drag for a night was nowhere near as demanding as shooting “Tarzan.” “Oh my god, walking around in those heels, in that super itchy, hot wig and the fake nails, I felt like Edward Scissorhands,” he recalled. “I couldn’t even grab a drink.” 

“Once we got to the afterparty at the gay club, I just kicked my heels off and walked around barefoot because I was just dying,” he said. “So, I have tremendous respect for all the drag queens out there. I got a little taste of what it takes to look that fabulous.”