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An Old Pro Among the Beginners

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1 Start of what 72-Across said to his Oscar
8 Vidal essay collection
14 Earhart and others
16 Black eye
17 Where motorists get off
18 “Lions and ___ and bears …”
19 Flock tender, for short
20 More of the quote
22 Brian Boitano’s milieu
25 Cut out
26 ___ Plain (lesbian-popular neighborhood in Boston)
30 Landscape blot
34 Shoshonean tongue
35 Language of Bangkok
37 “___ she blows!”
38 Short one
39 More of the quote
43 Constellation over Rio
44 It serves Tel Aviv
46 Verlaine’s mother
47 Image clarity, for short
48 Library section
52 Richard Chamberlain’s Dr. role
54 Hotel staff
56 Giant ball-handler Manning
57 End of the quote
61 One that comes quickly, formerly
64 Thelma’s lady friend
65 Has some
69 Art historian Raven
70 Not in a gay way
71 “Full” or “half” wrestling hold
72 Christopher, who won Best Actor for “Beginners”


1 Women’s patriotic org.
2 Spit it out, with confidence
3 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “The Cream Will ___”
4 Riga’s country
5 Senor suffix
6 Neither companion
7 What the fruits did in the orchard
8 Off the trail
9 Have sticky fingers
10 Like the top level
11 Top draft level
12 Griffin of game shows
13 Tongue of Wilde’s land
15 Canadian comedian Mort
21 Wide shoe spec
23 Place for Maupin’s tales
24 Radar blip
26 “Jesus Christ Superstar” setting
27 Not straight
28 It may be picked up in a bar
29 Track-and-field org.
31 Poet Frank
32 Like pinker meat
33 Tape over
36 Mac rival
40 Comics cry
41 Canal traveled by New York ferries
42 Title role for Jodie Foster
45 LGBT literary awards
49 Refuses
50 Myles of poetry
51 Reagan’s Star Wars letters
53 Drop your guns
55 Bay Area bulls (abbr.)
57 “Six Feet Under” creator Ball
58 Folk history
59 Break in the action
60 He shot off at O.K. Corral
62 Take off the top
63 TV part
66 Fam. member
67 T, to a Greek
68 Neighbor of Leb.


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