Andy's 15 Minutes

Q Puzzle

1 "East of Eden" director Kazan
5 Moisten with spray
9 Oscar movie for Whoopi Goldberg
14 Dogs do it when they're hot
15 CK One emanation
16 Carrie Chapman Catt, by birth
17 Ulrich of a landmark gay rights case
18 Glinda portrayer in "The Wiz"
19 How Homo sapiens walks
20 Warhol's first film
23 Greeting for Dolly
24 Get behind
25 Some women's studies degrees
28 Switch you hit on a radio
32 ___ Circle (DC gayborhood)
34 Warhol's magazine
39 Photographer Davies
40 Come quickly
41 Stuart's job on Brit. "QAF"
43 Nice Nellie
44 Cuts "Leaves of Grass"?
46 Warhol's film collaborator
48 Where they stuck it in Caesar
50 Zipper problem
51 Pink angle front
52 "Breakfast on Pluto" actor Stephen
54 Clark of fashion
59 Warhol's sweet drag queen
63 Composer Copland
66 "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author Jean
67 It can give a man legs like a lady
68 Lucas of "The Dying Gaul"
69 Miss, to Mme. de Stael
70 Was active in B&D
71 Sir, to Elton John
72 Salty bodies
73 Targets of men who make passes


1 Unforgettable period
2 It can cut your pole
3 Gay-friendly tech company
4 Bikini not just for women
5 Marilyn Monroe facial feature
6 Head output
7 "Like a Virgin," for one
8 Chase behind
9 John of "Arthur"
10 First bite of an appetizer?
11 Be in the hole
12 Baudelaire's bag
13 Stuff for a blow job?
21 Fly like a falcon
22 "Far out!"
25 Uncastrated porkers
26 Photographer Leibovitz
27 Overly theatrical
29 Star athlete
30 Like an upstanding member
31 Notes to Gavin Newsom's staff
33 Seeds of fleshy fruit
34 That is, to Caligula
35 George of "Robot Monster"
36 Lopez, who sang about a fruit tree
37 ___ Candy ("Wonder Woman" character)
38 editor Sarah
42 Piece-loving org.
45 Queer, literally
47 "Firebird" composer Stravinsky
49 Dusk, to Dickinson
53 Affleck's "Chasing Amy" crush
55 Log Cabin list, e.g.
56 Use your butt to demonstrate
57 "The Woman ___ " (Barbara Stanwyck film)
58 "Great balls of fire!"
59 Shakespeare's was "mortal"
60 It comes before some logs
61 Oscar ___ Renta
62 Stein fillers
63 Matthew Rhys and Michael Urie do it
64 Well-endowed Onassis
65 Sarah Schulman novel " ___ Bohemia"


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