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Another ‘Gay Movie’

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“Another Gay Movie”
Starts Sept. 15
Landmark Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak

A cute queer is caught molesting his mom’s quiche and gets ginormous butt plugs from dad. Sound familiar? It is.
“This isn’t ‘American Pie,'” says the token queen Nico in “Another Gay Movie.”
Um, but it is. Aside from the absence of hetero characters – filled by some yummy boys – and an apple pie, “Another Gay Movie” is the film for all those that can’t resist another helping of “Pie.”
It’s got the raunchy sex. The ooh-la-la love story. Oh, and the foreign exchange student. Then, like “Pie,” there are the stereotypical characters: the nerd Griff (Mitch Morris), the dumbed-down jock Jarod (Jonathan Chase), the all-American boy Andy (Michael Carbonaro) and the alternative-kid Nico (Jonah Blechman). Egged on by their over-the-top bull dyke Muffler (Ashlie Atkinson), the boys work their magic to escape boyhood. One even attempts to seduce “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch, who gives us a shameless glimpse of his limp dick.
The plot parallels with “Pie” in several ways, like sex with squishy food and the four horny high school seniors pact to get some anal action before going to college. Their mission, though, isn’t without raunchy mishaps.
The token jock gets his wee-wee caught in an electronic penis pump, while another almost sucks off his father through a glory hole in a public restroom. Ah, and then there’s a gerbil doing some rectum roaming. Makes you squirm, doesn’t it?
Though the intro is bright and bubbly, with the opening credits played over Nancy Sinatra’s “Another Gay Sunshine Day,” the film dulls with its outlandishly unoriginal script (penned by Todd Stephens, who also directed the movie).
If the film poked fun at the often cliche, gross-out gay comedies released in recent years a la the “Scary Movie” trilogy, “Another Gay Movie” might’ve been more than just, well, another gay movie.

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