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CARE moves forward

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Dear BTL,
We wanted to take this opportunity and thank all the people who put forth such great efforts during this election season. Although Prop. 2 passed, we were able to educate over 1 million voters who voted with us. In the areas that we campaigned heavily, we got 50 percent of NO votes. It is a very sad day for everyone, and trying to see the silver lining is very difficult. We can be proud of our work, and be proud of the fact that we have started a great conversation with our nation about who we are and the need for equality. We need to continue that conversation and debate, and know that the pendulum will swing towards fairness again.
We want you to know that we are not abandoning the fight for our families. CARE will continue working towards adoption equality, and with the seats that the Democrats picked up in the House, we are hopeful that we will prevail.
We have been on the defensive for many years, and now it is time to go on the offensive. We will be consulting with our legislative contacts about moving forward, because now we do not have to worry about risking anything.
Thank you to everyone who donated money and time to this campaign. And a special thanks to those of you who were so courageous and perhaps for the first time came out to your friends, coworkers and family members on how this proposal would affect you. This campaign challenged each and every one of us to live outside of our comfort zones, and we were able to change and affect many hearts and minds. The bravery we all showed should be commended.
This type of divisive campaign can wear on all of us, and a collective trauma to our community may be upon us, but with crisis comes opportunity, so we hope that the courage and bravery we have all shown throughout this season will continue and ultimately prevail.
Peace and healing to all of you.
CARE Board of Directors

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