Community Enjoys Free Barbecue Courtesy of Wrigley's Pharmacy

Hundreds of community members came together at Glory Supermarket in Highland Park on Friday, June 22 for a neighborhood summer barbecue hosted by Wrigley's Pharmacy. The afternoon family-friendly event included free food and drink, music, a raffle and a bounce house in the parking lot.

Inez Harrison of Highland Park with her family: Maria, Christina, Christian, Damarcus, Jayvione, Joseph, and Aniyah. BTL Photo: Kate Opalewski

LGBTQ ally Nebill Abdulla, who manages Wrigley's Pharmacy, is well-known in the community for helping with things like groceries, toiletries, hormone therapy and HIV medication.

Mike Czarnecji of Detroit with Vivian Glover of Detroit. BTL Photo: Kate Opalewski

For him, the annual gathering is about showing his customers what a pharmacy can do for the community it serves.
"It's so amazing to be able to do this. I love it," said Abdulla. Wrigley's Pharmacy has hosted the barbecue for 10 years now. When asked why he continues to do it, Abdulla said, "I've seen nothing and we've had nothing and we've grown up with nothing. I want people to have what we have. I wish everybody in this neighborhood could open up a business and make money. I don't believe in this is ours. This is everybody's. Everybody that has a hand in this is part of my family."

Wrigley's Pharmacy volunteers with Lilianna Reyes, interim executive director at Affirmations. BTL Photo: Kate Opalewski

Some local organizations were in attendance to offer the community access to valuable resources. They include Affirmations, All Well-Being Services, Humana, UNIFIED HIV Health & Beyond, Pride Source Media Group, Fair Michigan, and others.
Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp also stopped by to engage with city residents.

Julisa Abad, director of LGBTQ outreach and relations for Wrigley's Pharmacy with Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp. BTL Photo: Kate Opalewski

"Look at the seniors and the children from age 5 to 75. These are the people that need help, that need this kind of function because they don't get out that much. I think it's great for the community," said Yopp. "This business is giving back and this is not just a one-time event. I'm proud of Wrigley's Pharmacy, I really am."
Wrigley's Pharmacy is located at 14100 Woodward Ave. in Highland Park. Call 313-867-5000 or visit for more information.

Deloris Craig of Highland Park with her sister-in-law Elanda Craig of Highland Park. BTL Photo: Kate Opalewski

Alice Melton of Highland Park. BTL Photo: Kate Opalewski