Creep of the Week: Sen. Alan Cropsey

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Sen. Alan Cropsey

When the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman recommended greater access to second parent adoptions in Michigan last month proponents of fairness saw it as a step in the right direction. But Sen. Alan Cropsey, an originator of Michigan’s anti-gay marriage amendment, has proven once again that what’s in the best interest of children isn’t always in the political interest of Michigan’s anti-gay right.
Cropsey said on Detroit Public Radio last week that the OCO’s recommendation disregarded the anti-gay marriage amendment passed in November, even though the amendment was supposedly just about marriage, not punishing the kids of same-sex parents.
Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality and Triangle Foundation have been advocating for second parent adoption for years. The children of same-sex couples often only have one legal parent leaving the child and the other parent without the most basic of legal protections should something happen to the legal parent or should the couple separate.
A March 8, 2005 editorial in the Detroit Free Press came out in support of the OCO’s recommendation and called Cropsey’s claim that it went against the recently passed marriage amendment “a red herring.”
“If two adults who are married can adopt a child and a single adult who is unmarried can adopt a child, should not two single adults living in the same household be able to adopt a child? It only makes sense,” the editorial read. “The focus should be on what’s best for children, and loving supportive parents always are.”
Without a shred of irony, Cropsey called the OCO’s recommendation “anti-family.”
Contact Cropsey and let him know the real definition of “anti-family.” Call his office toll free at 866-305-2133 or email [email protected].
Send an email to Office of the Children’s Ombudsman and thank them for their reasonable recommendation: [email protected].
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