Demi Lovato Comes Out as Nonbinary

Jason A. Michael

Singer and actor Demi Lovato, who in March announced they were pansexual, has now come out as nonbinary in a post to Instagram. Lovato will now use the pronouns they and them.

"I am proud to let you know that I identify as non-binary and will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward," said the post in part. "This has come after a lot of healing and self-reflective work. I'm still learning and coming into myself, and I don't claim to be an expert or a spokesperson.

"Sharing this with you now opens another level of vulnerability for me," Lovato continued. "I'm doing this for those out there that haven't been able to share who they truly are with their loved ones. Please keep living in your truths and know I am sending so much love your way."

Lovato started out their career as a child actor appearing on "Barney & Friends" for two years starting in 2002. They appeared in a few more television movies before beginning to release music. Lovato's debut single, "This Is Me," peaked at no. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. To date, they have sold more than 24 million records in the U.S. In addition, Lovato continues to act and released a book, "Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year," and was the subject of two documentaries.

In 2017, Lovato declined to discuss their sexuality while speaking with Pride Source's Chris Azzopardi. When asked if there were anything they would like to say about it, Lovato replied, "Thank you for the opportunity, but I think I'm gonna pass."

In March, Lovato revealed on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast that they identified as pansexual and genderfluid. Now, just two months later, Lovato says nonbinary best describes them.

"Every day we wake up, we are given another opportunity and chance to be who we want and wish to be," said another portion of the post. "I've spent the majority of my life growing in front of all of you. You've seen the good, the bad, and everything in between. Not only has my life been a journey for myself, I was also living for those on the other side of the cameras. Today is a day I'm so happy to share more of my life with you all."


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