1 Irene of _Fame_
5 Sound of three men in a tub
10 Bit of salt, for Stephen Pyles
14 Way to come
15 Stars that shoot off
16 Emerald lsle
17 _To ___ Foo Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar_
18 "I knew ___ along!"
19 What fruits do in orchards
20 Laura Dern series set in Monterey, California
23 There's a single runner
24 Treat to eat while dropping trou?
27 Jan. 1 until now
28 Unlikely to bite
32 Intense desires
33 Infuses with bubbles
36 Ginsberg's "In Back of the ___"
37 Laura Dern series about a corporate executive who has a nervous breakdown
39 ___ Fein
41 Accounts of AnaÔs Nin and such
42 Really get into somebody
44 Costner character
45 Binges, briefly
48 Statistic in David Kopay's sport
51 _ ___ Eclipse_
53 Laura Dern movie about a coast-to-coast divorce
57 Prison sticker
59 Like a happy face that you put on
60 Inventor Elias
61 Himalayan legend
62 Dinah of a golf classic
63 Ivy League team
64 Calendar boxes
65 Many go down on them
66 Money from Lucy to Ethel

1 Gay rodeo guy
2 Rub some oil on
3 Like a tree's cross section
4 _West Side Story_ Jet, e.g.
5 Prissy temper tantrum
6 Trent of Mississippi
7 Shaped like the office of the top homophobe
8 Witchcraft trials city
9 Greeting for Dolly
10 De Rossi's wife
11 Earhart's velocity
12 B'way hit sign
13 Cut
21 Chip company
22 It's attractive and a bit of a shock
25 Lupino of _Women's Prison_
26 Immigrant's subj.
29 Dry as a bone
30 Threesome that visited Mary
31 Green with a mostly unfabulous social life
33 She played the housekeeper on _The Brady Bunch_
34 Raison d'___
35 Frida's half-dozen
37 Frequent online exaggeration
38 Chicken hawk pads
39 Undercover agent
40 "I Got Rhythm" writer Gershwin
43 Organ pleasured by Britten
45 Peter who played Lawrence
46 No pal of creationists
47 Hardest to catch
49 Whitman's leaves
50 Eminem's _ ___ Mile_
52 Questionnaire choice
54 It's for skin care
55 Hiker's snack
56 Some of Mary's lambs
57 Pink Floyd guitarist Barrett
58 "Isn't ___ bit like you and me?" ("Nowhere Man")


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