Detroit Artist Siena Liggins Debuts Single 'Flowerbomb'

Dress off. Hair down. "Flowerbomb." Like many sexual experiences, there's a slow but powerful build, and it takes Siena Liggins' brand-new song a full minute to drop. But at that point, it's still far from over. As an openly lesbian artist, it's no mistake that she chose "Flowerbomb" as her debut single. Liggins said that she wanted to write an unapologetically sex-positive song for the many other "girls who like girls" in the world.

"I wanted to write a song that encapsulated the high feelings of sex with someone untouchable because girls like to have sex, too, and sometimes it's just a beautiful mess," Liggins said. "For me, the best connections are the ones where you remember every detail; the way her hair felt, what perfume she was wearing, when she left … and when she came back."

Inspired mostly by real-life events, even the song's title is a nod to an intimate moment that actually happened in Liggins' life.

"Flowerbomb is literally the name of the fragrance worn by the person who inspired this song. I guess it's my way of honoring that experience and that person with my art," Liggins said. "I like to hide little gems in my songs that will be a call out to the person who inspired this song."

However, Liggins said that she hopes that this track will not only serve as a "racy," fun, summer playlist addition but a true attempt at bringing visibility to the LGBTQ community.

"My hope is that a pop song like this will reach other girls, women, femme-identifying individuals, lesbians and bisexuals (and) so on and so forth who have been looking for songs like this on their playlists but haven't quite found them yet," she said. "I stand (for) women unapologetically owning their bodies and sexuality and speaking about sex from their own lens. Men get to make all types of songs about sex, I hope there will be more visibility for women doing the same — especially for girls who like girls." 

The Detroit-based artist spends much of her creative process at the indie development hub Assemble Sound in the city's historic Corktown neighborhood. There, she's collaborated with "a gang of other residents and artists" like Flint Eastwood, Sam Austins, Tunde Olaniran, Nydge and others. And though the fully-formed single dropped on Friday, July 27, Liggins said she'd been working on it as "recently as a month ago" with friend and producer Nydge.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

"I'm really excited to see all of us bring our projects to life because there's great music coming out of that place," Liggins said.

Liggins said that fans of Flowerbomb can start to get excited about more music from her soon.

"An EP sounds like a lot of fun and is definitely on the horizon," she said. "But for now, this song is very single ladies."

And, intentionally or not, her news about an upcoming EP hinted at her ideal collaboration.

"As far as dreams go, I know this is my debut but is it too soon to say Beyoncé?" she said.

Find "Flowerbomb" on all major music streaming sites. More information about her and her music can be found online at or by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.