Do You Get a Rush Out of Hate?

1 Irene who played Coco in "Fame"
5 S&M reminders
10 XXX, in Greek porn?
14 Give ___ to (approve)
15 Easily screwed
16 Trent of Mississippi
17 Circumcision, for one
18 Take steps
19 Rick's old flame
20 Hate-monger Ann
22 Hate-monger Sean
24 Heat and then cool
25 Pussies with sharp teeth
26 Caesar of comedy
27 What the tide does
31 ___ generis
32 Look for hotties in a gay bar
34 Stallion that's spotted
35 WW II gun
36 Hate-monger radio host
39 Last letter for Socrates
42 Geological span
43 Pics that penetrate your clothes
47 Bert, to Ernie
48 Most able to bend over
51 Urvashi has one
52 Like better
54 Mary Cassatt, for one
56 Hate-monger television host
60 Tool for Mapplethorpe
61 Assumption of the virgin?
62 Coup target, to Cocteau
64 Mireille of "The Killing"
65 Like "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"?
66 "The Lion King" sound
67 "___ interesting!"
68 Tickle pink
69 Humorist Bombeck

1 Unresponsive body
2 Negatively charged
3 The Capitol dome is its top
4 "Hello" singer
5 Dik-dik, for one
6 Singer Vicki
7 Hurry, to Shakespeare
8 Porter's "Well, Did You ___"
9 It can coldcock you
10 React to static
11 Most like St, Mary
12 "I'm being straight with you!"
13 Doesn't leave the closet
21 Middle X or O
23 Anais who went both ways
28 College social
29 "Have a ball!"
30 Emma of "Battle of the Sexes"
33 Worn-out horse
35 Abbr. of old in Tatu's land
37 Weapon pointed at James Bond's crotch
38 Bit player
39 Antonym (abbr.)
40 Sultry Dietrich
41 Lover of Franklin and Lorena
44 Amelia Earhart, for example
45 Affirmation to a drag queen
46 Go down
49 Shower with kind words
50 "No Exit" playwright
53 Like Albert, in "The Birdcage"
55 "___ Is Nothing Like a Dame"
57 Ryan of porn
58 Vincent Lopez theme song
59 Responder to "Bite me!"?
60 "Little Miss Evil" writer Raphael
63 Refrain syllable

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