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If you’re a gay male and were post pubescent by the time Duran Duran danced onto the music scene in the early 80s, just the sight of them – especially when they were scantily clad, as they often were in videos such as “Rio” – was surely enough to make you, well, ‘Hungry Like a Wolf!’
Keyboardist Nick Rhodes was probably the most popular, but as he wore only slightly less makeup than Boy George, I didn’t exactly go for him. Lead singer Simon LeBon looked stunning in a Speedo¨ (forgive me, I’m flashing back to the aforementioned “Rio” video) but my hands down favorite was handsome hottie John Taylor, the bass player. With his full, usually frosted hair and deep eyes, he made my not quite yet teenage heart flutter.
But I digress. Duran Duran reigned for a time – about three years to be exact – as the ruling boy band of the era. While they only actually had two number one pop hits (1984’s “The Reflex” and 1985’s “A View to a Kill”), their songs are among the most lasting of the 80s songbook. They surfaced just as MTV was becoming a household word, and their stylish videos undoubtedly helped propel their popularity. “Wild Boys,” “Save A Prayer,” “Hungry Like A Wolf” and “Notorious” – these were the battle cry of a generation of gay boys unable to connect with the hard rock and heavy metal groups that were prevalent at the time (though in the 80s, even some members of these groups wore more rouge than Tammy Faye Bakker).
The 80s, of course, are two decades behind us , but the reunion of all five original members of Duran Duran is an occasion as good as any – and better than most – to revisit it. Of course, hardcore Duranites, or Durranies if you prefer, will be quick to point out that the group had its share of post-80s success. The group made a comeback in 1993 that spawned the hits “Come Undone” and “Ordinary World.”
Last year, the group released their 12th album, “Astronaut.” The single “(Reach Up for the) Sunrise” was a number one club play hit.
Yes, these ‘Notorious’ ‘Wild Boys’ have obviously still got it. What’s their secret? ‘Is There Something I Should Know?’

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