Dynamic Ceramic

1 Bas reliefs of Lincoln
6 Verdi slave girl
10 "Macbeth" segments
14 Words before once
15 Barneys, e.g.
17 Cobblers put the tongue here
18 Start of a quote by ceramic artist Colin J. Radcliffe
21 Woolf in blue stockings?
22 Dukakis of "Tales of the City"
23 "All's Well That ___ Well"
24 Gladiator area
25 Other people's children.
28 More of the quote
33 Unwelcome ink color
34 Ref for Lytton Strachey
35 Stephen of "Breakfast on Pluto"
36 Insurance worker
39 It swallows plastic
40 Two-timer's liaison
43 More of the quote
45 "The Children's Hour" playwright
46 Stonewall rioters and cops
47 Get back, as losses
48 Initial serving with meat in it?
49 Waikiki paste
50 More of the quote
53 End of the quote
58 Tigers of the NCAA
59 Cruising, maybe
60 Stud fees?
61 Auto of Pasolini's land
62 Kind of mill
63 Howard, who cross-dressed for "Miss America"
64 Like a top
65 Nuts don't have this
66 Bodybuilding mag
67 Roz portrayer on "Frasier"

1 Cable syst.
2 K-12 grades, collectively
3 Glenn Burke, formerly
4 Backside, to a top
5 Gertrude with a beer mug?
6 Town in da Vinci's land
7 "___ shame"
8 Toon canine Scooby-___
9 With thick plates
10 Disney lyricist Howard
11 Shot type for Patty Sheehan
12 Tara portrayer Collette
13 Video game name
16 Lurer of phallic fish
19 Neither Rep. nor Dem.
20 Timothy Daly's sister
24 "Beg pardon …"
25 A Village People character
26 "King Lear" daughter
27 "Hello" singer
29 Mark on Bernstein's staff
30 Where the bouncers are friendly?
31 Future queen of "Star Wars"
32 Craft store bundle
37 Indicator of too much sex
38 Scandal involving bottoms?
39 Capp and Capone
40 Old nuclear power org.
41 Gay pride parade sight
42 Totally screw
44 Phi ___ Kappa
45 Young farm animals.
47 Team lineup
49 Bicolor mount
51 Old line for cockpit workers
52 ___-frutti
53 Luggage
54 To be _lesbienne_
55 "Beauty ___ the eye…"
56 Pole of your first mate?
57 Dickinson's "There ___ frigate like a book"
61 Metrosexual

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