“Elton’s John”

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Q Puzzle

1 Jackson and McKuen, for example
5 Big swallow
9 “Oh! Calcutta!” group of actors?
14 Like phone sex?
15 Lucci’s Erica in “All My Children”
16 Halliwell’s lover
17 Glinda portrayer in “The Wiz”
18 ___ instant (like premature ejaculation)
19 Juicy fruit
20 What pirates do to get booty?
23 “Scram!” in Auden’s land, with “off”
24 Start of a Tony Orlando title
25 Std. of a line through George Michael’s land
28 R. Mapplethorpe supporter
30 One way to come out
35 Promiscuous linemen, to Esera Tuaolo?
39 Artful move, in “Oliver!”
40 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin
41 Tires, with “out”
43 “Spamalot” writer Eric
44 Billie Holiday’s “God ___ the Child”
46 Photojournalistic mag with porn?
48 Walk like a drag queen
50 Word before verily, in the King James
51 Little black bk. listings
52 California Assemblymember Mark
55 Gaza Stripper’s assn.
57 Gay guy into weaving?
64 Rent
65 Horse that isn’t hung
66 What a computer may spit out
67 Rock Hudson’s “Gun Fury,” for one
68 Gomer’s “anti”
69 Katharine’s “Butch Cassidy” role
70 “SNL”‘s Cheri
71 Young women who have balls
72 Ps on the Parthenon


1 Rock’s longtime companion
2 Milk go-with
3 Paul of “Little Miss Sunshine”
4 Supporters in the bedroom
5 Like beauty
6 Fairy godmother’s stick
7 Ill-suited
8 Bottle dwellers, to Aladdin
9 Composer Aaron
10 Part of San Francisco’s BART
11 Without a date
12 Went lickety-split
13 Madonna’s pair
21 Top drawer
22 Bloom of “The Producers”
25 Messy little balls
26 Big bucks
27 The sounds of music
29 Partner of a wink
31 Be plenty hot
32 It makes the bottom line bigger
33 Home near polar bears, perhaps
34 Vichyssoise veggies
36 IML winner’s accessory
37 Cole Porter’s “___ Love You?”
38 Able to bend over
42 Foster and Fry
45 Tom Hulce’s nemesis in “Amadeus”
47 David Hyde Pierce alma mater
49 To date
53 One who won’t settle down
54 No longer jail bait
56 Like the subjects of “Gay and Gray”
57 Masterstroke
58 Rex Reed et al. do this to movies
59 Visitor at gay.com
60 Hulbert Creek to Russian Riv.
61 Scout’s promise to be “morally straight”
62 Ulrich of a landmark gay rights case
63 Nannies’ cries
64 Elton’s john

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