Equality Michigan Reaches Over 500,000 Pro-Equality Voters Across Michigan

Together in partnership, Equality Michigan Education Fund and Equality Michigan Action Network, the two organizations that comprise Equality Michigan, have reached over 500,000 voters across Michigan. In the next week, Equality Michigan plans on reaching an additional 250,000 LGBTQ and pro-equality voters, encouraging them to make their voices heard in the 2020 election.

Equality Michigan recognizes that the stakes of this election are enormous for the LGBTQ+ community. Turning out all pro-equality supporters over the next week is the highest priority to ensure our voices are heard.

"The stakes in this election truly couldn't be higher," said Equality Michigan Executive Director Erin Knott. "For the LGBTQ+ community and the diverse communities to which we belong, everything is on the line — civil rights, healthcare, safe schools, the environment and our democracy."

Due to COVID-19, Equality Michigan began educating and mobilizing pro-equality voters in a digital environment, including live phone and text-banking efforts. Equality Michigan is partnering with the ACLU of Michigan and Drag Out the Vote to ensure that pro-equality voters understand their voting rights this election cycle.

"This November, not only are we voting on candidates that can expand and protect the rights of LGBTQ Michiganders and their families, we are voting on key issues all the way down the ballot that impact our local communities. We are lucky to live in Michigan, where we work hard to make sure that the ballot box is accessible to all Michiganders, including LGBTQ+ voters," Knott said. "Voting by mail and using dropboxes is the safest way to vote during this pandemic and we at Equality Michigan encourage all eligible voters to do so."

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