Gay Man of the Decade

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1 Part of a Stein line
4 Comes out on the beach
8 Mauresmo of the courts
14 Women’s patriotic org.
15 Come quickly
16 Study of pansies, e.g.
17 Prayer to the Queen of Heaven
19 With 41-Across, character of this puzzle’s theme
20 With 39-Across, TV show of this puzzle’s theme
22 Possible result of love with no glove
23 Hershiser of baseball
24 Like Lord Byron, e.g.
26 Dressed, so to speak
29 Barrel bottom bits
33 José’s huzzah
36 Dances with dips
38 Sailor’s saint
39 See 20-Across
41 See 19-Across
43 One on Boulanger’s staff?
44 Went on and on
48 Colony resident
49 Hayes formerly of “South Park”
51 Home for Heidi
53 Foot in the Iliad
55 Bear of the night
59 Von Trapp’s rank
62 With 65-Across,’s Gay Man of the Decade
65 See 62-Across
67 ___ Menace (Radicalesbian phrase)
68 Nocturnal reptile of Tennessee
69 Try ___ for size
70 Bowie collaborator
71 One of the balls in your head
72 Tickle pink
73 Stimpy’s pal

1 “My Own Private ___ ”
2 What Ted Allen likes to do to food and wine
3 “___ having fun yet?”
4 Red-coated cheese
5 In the nude for love, perhaps
6 “War Requiem” composer Benjamin
7 Kind of power
8 Former “American Idol” judge Paula
9 Tied up at the marina
10 War zone, in brief
11 Gets behind
12 Still competitive
13 Ogled a hottie in a bar, e.g.
18 Salsa rating
21 Guy that goes either way?
25 Barrymore of “Boys on the Side”
27 Summer along the Seine
28 Grant in the cinematic field
30 Poet Gidlow
31 They were under Hoover
32 Put into piles
33 Prefix with potent
34 Elton’s johns
35 Kett of the comics
37 Author/illustrator Silverstein
40 All that’s seen of the Wizard of Oz, at first
42 Verse on a vase
45 Broadway opening?
46 “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” spinoff
47 Examine by touching
50 Like a real bitch
52 Change color
54 “The Gay Caballero” star Romero
56 Dykes on Bikes member, e.g.
57 Public spectacle
58 “Rubber Capital of the World”
59 Bit of chocolate
60 Web site unit
61 Answer with a 50-50 chance
63 Bard’s river
64 Keep an eye on
66 Genre for Eminem

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