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Girl Bar to heat up Chicago

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Sandy Sachs thought she left the cold weather behind.
“Here I am in sunny California,” said Sachs, co-founder of Girl Bar. “What was I thinking?”
Sachs and company, which includes co-founder Robin Gans and former Chix Mix Productions gal Julie Mosier, will launch their popular Girl Bar party on Feb. 3 at Circuit in Chicago, which will heat up the Windy City the first Saturday of every month.
“It’s gonna be fierce,” she said, her voice perking up.
Expect saucy Los Angeles go-go girls and hot beats (DJ Kathy Valenti will spin a mix of euro lounge, house and retro) from a long-running operation, and the largest dance and entertainment club for lesbians in the United States, that promises no disappointments.
“We are out to make sure that when women leave there they have had the time of their life,” Sachs said.
During the Mardi Gras Masquerade on Feb. 18 at Transit Nightclub, Sachs, who considers New Orleans her second home, will spice up the party with masks, beads and themed colors (purple, green and gold).
“It’s when everyone really lets their hair down,” she said.
The only things missing: the heat and the 24-hour drinking.
“In New Orleans there’s no last calls,” she said, laughing.
For Sachs and Gans, opening in Chicago seemed like a logical decision: it’s the third largest city in the United States, it has one of the largest gay populations and the location was prime.
“We have a standard and we’re not going to take some little back room in some dingy bar in some lousy neighborhood,” Sachs said.
The co-founders have turned down certain offers because they weren’t an ideal venue for Girl Bar. And justifiably so. As Sachs notes, when they’re dealing with women they have to consider safety.
“When you’re thinking about (hosting) women it becomes an extra factor,” she said, noting they’ve never been offered to host a party in Detroit.
When Sachs secured Saturday nights once a month at Circuit she had her heart set on that day. She bargained with the club owner, telling him that Friday night wouldn’t be ideal because Girl Bar will attract out-of-state travelers.
“Friday night is tough,” she said. “People work (that day), they’re tired and they’re not going to get off of work at 5 or 6 o’clock and think about driving (to Chicago).”
Sachs plans on finding a host hotel in Chicago that will offer a fair rate for Michigan gals who want to make the club night a weekend getaway.
“We hope we get a lot of girls from Detroit,” Sachs said.

Girl Bar
Chicago Grand Opening
9 p.m.-4 a.m. Feb. 3
Circuit Nightclub
3641 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, Illinois 60613
21-and-over only

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