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GLAAD Condemns 3 Michigan Anti-Trans Campaign Ads

By |2020-09-03T13:59:14-04:00September 3rd, 2020|Election, Election Activism|

Last month Politico reported turmoil within the Trump administration about whether to run anti-transgender campaign advertisements in battleground states like Michigan leading up to November’s presidential election. Today, three ads were released officially by the conservative think tank American Principles Project in the state.

“The campaign is a part of a $4 million election effort which will target persuadable Democrats and independent voters in key swing states, most notably with a $2 million spend in Michigan,” said an APP press release.

The ads target Joe Biden and Sen. Gary Peters for supporting policies that APP says “would allow biological males to compete in women’s sports and push children into dangerous, life-altering sex-change sterlization(sic) procedures at young ages.” This is despite the fact that studies have shown that there are improvements in the quality of life transgender people who do transition.

GLAAD, a pro-LGBTQ media watchdog organization, released an official statement condemning the ads.
“In America, equality is for everyone. These ads perpetuate dangerous stereotypes, traffic in misinformation and put the lives of transgender people at risk,” the statement said. “YouTube, Facebook and other digital platforms should decline to run them and send a message loud and clear that those who would use their platforms to peddle hate and lies will not be tolerated or validated.”

Terry Schilling, executive director at American Principles Project, released a statement as well calling Biden’s campaign “more radical than ever.”

“Biden and his fellow Democrats have pledged to use the power of the federal government to destroy women’s sports and push young children into highly experimental and dangerous sex-change procedures. These are positions which the vast majority of American voters disagree with. And yet Democrats are rarely called out on it, getting a free pass from the media and even Republicans.”

However, at the 2020 Republican National Convention, the party rolled over its 2016 platform as its current one. These are the same stances that, in 2016, Log Cabin Republican President Gregory T. Angelo called “the most anti-LGBT platform in the party’s 162-year history.”
And just last week, GLAAD premiered an ad that highlights the lack of legal protections under the Trump administration for LGBTQ Americans. This ad depicts a gay man speaking with his mother, who is a Trump supporter, about the administration’s rejection of the Equality Act that, if passed, would provide nationwide legal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.
Watch the APP ads here:

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