“Greek Team”

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Q Puzzle

1 ‘N Sync member Lance
5 Joe.My.God, for one
9 Bear
14 Opening for the crack of dawn
15 Time that drags
16 Michael of “Miss Congeniality”
17 “Peter Pan” pooch
18 Spread it on your muffin
19 “Let’s hit the sheets!”
20 Athlete of 1976, 1984, 1988
23 One that stays in a bed
24 Benjamin Hoff’s “The ___ of Pooh”
25 Flower for Foucault
28 Signs of “The Lion King”?
31 Dildo, e.g.
33 Athlete of 1968
38 Architecture, to Julia Morgan
39 They make points by touching the body
40 Bill written by Alice Paul
41 Bosom buddy
42 They’re performing, in “Fame”
43 Athlete of 1984
45 Sauce for two sailors?
47 Vidal’s Breckinridge
48 “The L Word” network
49 Charlotte of “Facts of Life”
51 “More! More!” on Broadway
56 What the athletes in this puzzle competed in, for the U.S.
59 Dinah of a golf classic
62 One way to San Francisco
63 Satisfy fully
64 “The Wizard of Oz” scorer Harold
65 Sailor’s patron
66 “___ she blows!”
67 Alfred Kinsey’s tool
68 Word before admiral, in the navy
69 Student org. for “family” and friends


1 They slide into openings at keggers
2 Like unhappy lovers, maybe
3 Gays, technically, after a 1973 APA vote
4 Place where men wear makeup
5 Opened up, like a pansy
6 “Pandora’s Box” heroine
7 Jackie’s designer
8 Rub it in
9 What a cruiser is looking for
10 Country north of Thailand
11 Women’s rights, for short
12 “A Chorus Line” song
13 Become husband and husband, e.g.
21 Syllable pairs before “Don we now our gay apparel”
22 Get in the sack
25 “The Wizard of Oz” producer Mervyn
26 Cara of “Fame”
27 Has more than a one-night stand
29 River of Ulrichs’ country
30 Vital fluid
32 “Love Songs” poet Teasdale
33 Where to find nipples
34 Winfrey of “The Color Purple”
35 Prefix with sexual
36 TV portrayer of Robin’s partner
37 Like sexy undies
41 Common name in the land of Wan Yan Hai
43 Noise of an ass
44 ___ set (package)
46 Art historian Raven
50 An old flame?
52 Playbill lists
53 Montgomery Clift’s hometown
54 Raise the price of, at Barneys
55 Gay former NFL player Tuaolo
56 Cartoon Network’s “Moral ___ ”
57 In need of some rays at Laguna Beach
58 La Douce role of Shirley
59 Carrier to Copenhagen
60 National gay org.
61 Plug attachment

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