Hazel Park Passes LGBTQ-Inclusive Human Rights Ordinance

As of April 23, LGBTQ+ residents of and visitors to the City of Hazel Park will have legally codified sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination protections. That's because this week the city council passed human rights ordinance 01-21. It was introduced by bisexual Councilmember Luke Londo.

"This Human Rights Ordinance reflects the long-standing principle of LGBTQ inclusion within the city of Hazel Park, and I am grateful for the opportunity to play a role in seeing it codified into law," Londo said. "Additionally, I appreciate the support of the rest of the City Council, and the City administration in working with me to get this done here in The Friendly City."

Hazel Park City Council member Luke Londo introduced the ordinance. Courtesy photo.

The ordinance is notable for the LGBTQ+ community because the state's current Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act does not explicitly protect the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity. Londo said he hopes that this ordinance will serve as a "reminder" for the state Legislature.
"Without the state Legislature amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, actions like ours are the only way to ensure LGBTQs enjoy civil rights — city by city, ordinance by ordinance," Londo said. "I look forward to relentlessly lobbying our state officials to finally do the right thing, or the people of the state of Michigan will have to provide civil rights for the LGBTQ community ourselves."
Visit the City of Hazel Park's website to learn more.