Improvetry: The Return

In its second round, Improvetry is an evening event to be held on Saturday, March 7, at Le Crepe in Royal Oak that features live music, food, drinks and, of course, poetry. This event is hosted by Exquisite Poetry Group, a four-person group "inspired to create a safe and expressive space for poets across the Metro Detroit Area."
"On the spot poetry will be done by the poets. Games will be played to test their skill," organizers wrote. "Think you have what it takes? Join open mic and give us your best! Eat, have a drink and be a part of something great!"
Poets scheduled to appear at this event are Lyrical Hero O, Ry Jay, Krys Jones, One Single Rose, Keemo, Sparrow and Odie Blew. This event will also host an open mic portion.
Tickets are $15. Le Crepe is located at 317 South Washington Ave. Find out more about this event online at