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Jeremy Moss Makes History as First Openly Gay Michigan Senator

By |2018-11-07T12:38:58-05:00November 7th, 2018|LGBTQA Races, Michigan, News|

With results announced just after 2 a.m. via a tweet from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Sen. Jeremy Moss made history as the first openly gay person to be elected to the 11th state Senate district.

When asked what he feels should be priorities in the coming months, in particular for LGBTQ people, Moss is firm on housing and job security.

“I think of an older lesbian couple that I talk to often in Southfield,” he said. “And as they approach their retirement years, they don’t want to have to go back in the closet after living a proud and open life so that they can go back to living in a retirement community together. Because nothing protects them in Michigan law from a retirement community kicking them out for being a lesbian couple.”

He then mentioned “the other end of the spectrum.”

“We need to attract young talent to Michigan, and if we don’t have laws that protect LGBT workers who want to contribute to our economy, they ain’t gonna come here,” Moss said. “And it’s not even just about attracting LGBT workers — which of course we want — but millennials don’t want to be in a state that’s not tolerant for these kinds of social issues.”

Beyond campaigning for LGBTQ-specific issues, however, Moss said that he’s especially looking forward to increasing the public’s awareness of the LGBTQ community generally. That’s because, despite his win, Michigan Republicans still maintain a majority in the House and Senate.

I have found that serving in the state House, more than just the policy proposals (is) showing up, being there, being somebody that they can’t escape from if they oppose our rights,” he said. “So that has been the biggest asset that we’ve been providing by being there and being visible. So that nobody has an excuse to call us ‘other.’ We’re there, serving in the same capacity that they are. In the Senate, it’s going to be historic.”

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