Jim Toy, First Openly Gay Man in Michigan, Turns 91 Today. It's Not too Late to Send Him a Birthday Card

Longtime activist Jim Toy turns 91 today. Known as the first openly gay man in Michigan, after coming out in 1970, Toy developed the first-ever campus center dedicated to supporting those in the LGBTQ+ community at the University of Michigan. And because of his almost 50-year career of service to the LGBTQ+ movement through speaking, teaching, writing, administrating, organizing and protesting, Ann Arbor's LGBTQ+ Center bears his namesake to honor his legacy.

And it's not too late to send him a birthday card.

"Today is the legendary Jim Toy's birthday!!! Happy 91st Birthday to our namesake, our hero and our beloved friend!" reads the Ann Arbor Center's Facebook page today.

Cards can be mailed to:
Jim Toy
c/o Jim Toy Community Center
P.O. Box 1152
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1152
Learn more about the Jim Toy Community Center online at