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Just As He Was

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1 Foam at the mouth
5 A cock does it
10 Early AIDS play
14 Double reed instrument
15 The sound of music?
16 Skimpy skirt
17 E. Lynn Harris novel about the gay lover of an NBA star
20 Giant Mel
21 It’s used in fake meat
22 In excelsis ___
23 Modern navigation aid (abbr.)
24 Nero’s land
26 Like seawater
28 Third novel of the Harris trilogy that includes “Just As I Am”
34 D-Day was its turning point
36 “The Audacity of Hope” author
37 “___ first you don’t succeed …”
40 Fit your first mate’s mast
41 Bears and bulls
43 College wall climber
44 One that holds your butt
46 Tale teller
48 Dish in a lab
49 Gay former NFL player Tuaolo
50 Tight-assed
53 Cole Porter’s “Well, Did You ___”
55 First novel of the Harris trilogy that includes “Just As I Am”
60 Peace Nobelist Wiesel
61 Take home, after taxes
62 Strap on a stallion
64 “Dreamgirls” director Condon
65 Dress with a flare
66 Garr of “Tootsie”
67 Porgy’s lady
68 Piece of a pansy
69 Resign, with “down”


1 Man with a steel rod
2 Taper off
3 Get reprogramed, to homophobes?
4 Startled cry
5 Caesar opponent
6 Deep red
7 ___ Mae (Whoopi’s “Ghost” role)
8 Almost like Oscar?
9 One and only
10 Latin I word
11 Record of potential partners?
12 All thumbs
13 Pantywaist
18 Morales of “NYPD Blue”
19 Charles of “Threesome”
25 Sacrifice-fly stat
27 Parisian pal
29 Explorer of Nickelodeon
30 On-line auction site
31 What a guy may shoot
32 “Haven’t ___ you somewhere before?”
33 Willow’s female lover
34 Finish filming
35 Like three men that visited Mary
38 Spit it out, with confidence
39 Model Banks
41 “Lemon Tree” singer Lopez
42 Take a five-finger discount
45 Walks, in the WNBA
47 Robert Patrick play
51 Songwriters’ org.
52 French textile city
53 Writer Dykewomon
54 “The Dark Side of Venus” author Shirley
55 “Why would ___?”
56 Zips
57 “___ ever so humble …”
58 “Six ___ Under”
59 Wilde land
60 Come out on the beach
63 Barely beat

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