L Word' Vets Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig Are Totally Down to Meet Up With 'Queer as Folk' Cast For Reboot

Jason A. Michael

Could our queer dreams becoming true? Might "The L Word" cast actually cross universes with the cast of the upcoming "Queer as Folk" reboot?

It could and should happen. And the veteran cast from "The L Word," who recently spoke to Pride Source's Chris Azzopardi, seems to think so too!

"That would be amazing!" Jennifer Beals, who plays Bette Porter on the Showtime series, told Pride Source while discussing the upcoming season of "The L Word: Generation Q" with co-stars Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig. The upcoming season premieres on Showtime on Aug. 8.

As for "Queer as Folk," it was originally a British series created by Russell T. Davies. Set in Manchester's gay village, the series, which ran from 1999 to 2000, lasted for 10 episodes. The first "Queer as Folk" reboot was, like "The L Word," an American-Canadian co-production that also aired on Showtime. Showtime's "Queer as Folk" ran from 2000 to 2005, was set in Pittsburgh and influenced countless LGBTQ+ viewers during their formative queer years. Same goes for the "The L Word," which was originally set in West Hollywood and ran from 2004 to 2009. The revival, "The L Word: Generation Q," which premiered in 2019, left WeHo for Silver Lake. Beals, Hailey and Moennig reprised their roles as Bette, Alice and Shane, respectively.

Since the upcoming reboot of "Queer as Folk" will be set in New Orleans, here's our pitch to NBC's Peacock network, where it'll air: Bette, Alice and Shane head to Mardi Gras to party and just casually run into the "QAF" cast. Everyone is wearing beads, obviously. And just throwing this one out there too: the "QAF" cast could jet to LA for a weekend and encounter the ladies from "The L Word" over Sunday brunch at Hamburger Mary's. 

Of course the possibilities are endless and we're happy to brainstorm all day about what we envision happening if two of our favorite queer casts cross paths, but for now, Stephen Dunn, "QAF" reboot creator, we want you to know that Hailey thinks an "L Word"-meets-"QAF" concept "would be great"

"We know nothing about it," she says about the "QAF" reboot. "But, boy, would that be cool. That'd be fun."

And Beals knows just the person to bring these iconic casts together: "I know Alice is going to host a party and everybody's going to be there," she enthused.