Meet Manny Killa: Q&A with HTJ 2018 Visiting Entertainer

He's the newest sensation from porn site At 24 years old, 6' 4" tall and equipped a trim, muscular physique he is known simply as Manny Killa. He is also one of the entertainers set to visit during LGBT Detroit's Hotter Than July festivities. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Manny admits to losing his virginity when he was only 14 years old. Manny, who considers himself bisexual, talks about how promoting himself on social media got him an offer to enter the adult entertainment business and about how long he plans to stay in it.
Here's Manny in his own words:

What made you start doing porn?
I love to have sex and make love and make it something to remember. Last year, I started an OnlyFans page and a Tumblr and it took off from there. Before I knew it, my inbox is piling up and views are growing. People started wanting to make videos with me.

How did you hook up with Black Boy Addictionz?
I was fortunate to be contacted by Montez who is the scout/recruiter for BBA. It was always on my bucket list to become a porn star so I thought why not see what it's about? I'm a different and very strong individual who will not let things affect what I do. I have to write my story just like anybody else.

How are the realities of doing porn professionally different from what you thought things would be like?
I would say definitely it's a lot of work. It's not as easy as it looks. And it's not as quick as it looks. There's a lot of work put into it. From stopping and starting and changes scenes and positions, it can be exhausting to the point where you feel like you just worked a 9 to 5 job in a few hours' time.

 Best and worst part of the business so far?
The best would be the pay and as far as being able to travel and go to different places. Most people are not able to travel or whatnot. You get to see new places. That's something I was not able to do before. The worst would probably be when you have a model who doesn't show up for the shoot and Michael [Galletta, owner of Black Boy Addictionz] has to go find somebody else who can hurry up and come in and take over and do the shoot. The only other thing would be when it comes to working with another model if that model isn't open and able to do different things. It can make it stressful and hard to get the job done.

What's down the road for you? Do you see a life for yourself after porn or this is something you want to make a career out of?
Right now I can see doing it for a year or two or three. I'm still in the beginning stages. I'm still new. But I can't see it turning into something long-term. I still have other things I want to do in life as far as a career. But this is a good start. After porn I do see myself going into modeling or starting my DJ and music-producing career. I'm really in love with music. I have a passion for it. So that might be the next step after this.

Manny KIlla will be appearing Saturday, July 28 at the Hotter Than July Palmer Park Picnic. For more Manny Killa visit or check him out on social media at:
Snapchat @ Mannykilla21
Instagram @ Mannykilla_23
Twitter @ Mannykillaxxx
Tumblr @ Sexymanny24