Michigan's Progressive Voter Guide: What Voters Need to Know for Nov. 6

When searching for guidance about candidates who support progressive values, families, fairness, education, healthier children and a healthier planet, look no further than Michigan's 2018 Progressive Voter Guide. The guide aggregates endorsements from 10 state and national organizations dedicated to LGBTQ issues, women's rights, labor and the environment.
All in one place, voters can see which candidates have the support of the progressive organizations on their own personalized statewide and local ballot. The guide also provides right wing, conservative endorsements so voters can see which candidates, if elected, would likely work against progressive values in Michigan.
"This voting guide will be a crucial resource for Michigan voters this election cycle. As we face ongoing attacks at the federal level and the threat of anti-LGBTQ extremist Bill Schuette in the governor's office, knowing where candidates stand on issues that are important to us – like LGBTQ equality – has never been more important," said Amritha Venkataraman, Michigan state manager with the Human Rights Campaign.
She continued, "All politics is local — who's sitting in the governor's mansion is just as important as who's sitting in the county clerk's office. We need pro-equality champions at every level who will move equality forward and make Michigan a welcoming and inclusive place for all."
The Progressive Voter Guide is part of a statewide initiative to increase progressive voter interest and help mobilize these same voters to head to the polls on Nov. 6. Pride Source Media Group has combined the endorsements of Michigan's leading progressive organizations with research about candidates and ballot measures to give you the information you've been searching for to be an informed voter.
Ruth Lednicer, director of media and communications with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, said that the organization is 'pleased' to be part of the voter guide.
"Writer and poet Audre Lorde said 'there is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives.' That sentiment is aptly reflected in this voter guide, which gives voters the information on where candidates stand on many of the key issues affecting our lives today," Lednicer said.
She added that the guide helps voters "cut through the noise and gives you one place to see where the candidates stand on these issues, and which candidates will stand with you."
"By creating a guide that includes the endorsements of key organizations across the state, Pride Source gives voters a way to choose those candidates who will work to support fairness and equality for all," Lednicer said.
This year's guide goes much deeper into local races than ever before with endorsements and information into judgeships and races on both the county and city levels. The guide also shows candidates supported by far-right groups who are working against progressive values such as the Coalition for Family Values and Right to Life.
"I recall when the BTL voter guide was limited to LGBT issues and was only available in print. The guide has been improved every election cycle, and the current edition which is online and super simple to use now covers all of the candidates and groups that any progressive voter cares about and on both sides of our issues," said Mark LaChey, chair of the LGBTQ & Allies Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party.
He added that the guide stands to aid not only in informing voters, but in providing them confidence in the candidates they choose.
"Anecdotally, it seems that many people are hesitant to vote at all if they don't know the candidates," LaChey said. "The easy access to this information not only encourages those folks to go to the polls but to vote for pro-equality candidates. A win/win for our community."

How to use the guide:
– Visit and enter your zip code for a list of progressive candidates in your area.
– For a personalized ballot, enter your email address to get this information sent to you the night before Election Day. The guide will be continually updated as new endorsements become available.
– Most importantly, use the information provided to inform you when you get out and vote in the upcoming Nov. 6 general election.
Please share the Progressive Voter Guide to help others get educated on the candidates and issues as well. View the Progressive Voter Guide at

Reminders on Nov. 6
1. Straight-party ticket voting is not an option.

2. To check if you are registered, visit

3. Visit to read stories on candidates and issues.

A List of 2018 Statewide ballot measures
BTL recommends a YES vote on all of these:

Voters Not Politicians
A proposed constitutional amendment to establish a commission of citizens with exclusive authority to adopt district boundaries for the Michigan Senate, Michigan House of Representatives and U.S. congress, every 10 years.

Promote the Vote
A proposed constitutional amendment to provide certain voting rights to make voting easier and more accessible in Michigan.

Marijuana Legalization Initiative
Legalize recreational use of marijuana in Michigan.

The Progressive Voters Guide is a Pride Source Media Group project which includes the following partners and their endorsements:

– LGBTQ & Allies Caucus of the MI Dem Party
– Equality Michigan
– UAW Civil & Human Rights Committee
– Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan
– Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter
– ACLU of Michigan
– Human Rights Campaign
– Michigan League of Conservation Voters
– Michigan AFL-CIO
– Michigan Now
– Progressive Women's Alliance of West MI
– Lansing Area Human Rights Coalition — PAC


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