Miss Coco Peru Calls on Fans To Help Keep Her Mother in Her Own Home

Miss Coco Peru is in crisis. At least, her mother is. The soon-to-be 97-year-old Helen, the source, Miss Coco admits, of many of her humorous stories, will run out of her long-term elder care insurance in January. Sadly, Miss Coco says she is not able to come to her mother’s financial aid and provide her with the in-home assistance she needs. So Miss Coco’s hoping her fans will come to the rescue.

To that end, Miss Coco has created a GoFundMe page to raise donations for her mother’s care. In a letter on her GoFundMe page, Miss Coco calls out to her “darling Coco Puffs” for help. So far, the GoFundMe fundraiser has raised nearly $80K toward a goal of $160K. Miss Coco and her husband, Rafael, have been paying Helen’s mortgage and condo maintenance for a while, Miss Coco said. But they can’t afford to pay for home health care, too.

“The only option given to me is to place my mom in a nursing home,” Miss Coco wrote on the fundraising page. “This option has left me depressed and so distraught that I’ve been frozen with fear not knowing what this will mean for my mom and our family.”

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Miss Coco said she is desperate to keep her mother in her condo. “My mom loves her home, her belongings, her routine, her chair, her plants, and her small patio that she calls Heaven, and the memories she’s made in her home,” she wrote.

Miss Coco Peru, aka Clinton Leupp, has been doing her own unique brand of comedy for the last 30 years. She’s appeared in various one-woman shows and in films such as 1999’s “Trick” — her scene in the film is legendary — and Richard Day’s “Girls Will Be Girls” in 2003. She was also featured in the Logo original stand-up comedy series “Wisecrack” in 2005.

Miss Coco recently posted a photo of her mother and thanked supporters for the funds that have thus far come in.

“I'm so grateful for the support that continues in my quest to keep my mom in her home where she is surrounded by the familiar,” read the post in part. “My mother sits on her lanai every day to get her Vitamin D, which she believes is important. Here she sits with her favorite grandchild, Frankie. She sings to him songs and remembers the lyrics to songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s but can't remember what she ate two minutes ago.”

To donate to Miss Coco Peru’s GoFundMe to help keep her mother in her home, visit