New Year, New Opportunities for Community Connection for LGBTQ+ Michigan Seniors

MiGen partnership with Corktown Health and Affirmations includes new community centers

Sarah Bricker Hunt

An innovative initiative in 2024 will bring enhanced community resources to seniors in the local area. In collaboration with Corktown Health Center and Affirmations, the organization will establish dedicated community centers catering to the unique needs of older LGBTQ+ adults.

The centers will offer resources inside Corktown Health in Detroit and Affirmations in Ferndale, including access to the ever-expanding programs and services offered by MiGen, which has undergone significant changes over the past few years. In 2022, the organization formerly named SAGE Metro Detroit rebranded to MiGen after breaking away from the national SAGE organization, which stopped operating under an affiliate model. 

Today, MiGen helps local LGBTQ+ community members over 45 connect with healthcare resources, social and educational engagement and more. MiGen Executive Director Angela Gabridge points to the unique partnerships with the two organizations as key to getting the senior community center project off the ground. “Amazing partners can help us to achieve amazing things,” she tells Pride Source. “We’re excited to be piloting this super efficient, embedded model with trusted community partners Affirmations and Corktown Health.”

"We are thrilled to announce Corktown Health's partnership with MiGEN coming together in 2024 to significantly enhance the spectrum of health services available to our older LGBTQ+ community members,” Anthony Williams, President and CEO of Corktown Health states in a news release. “This collaboration marks a milestone in our commitment to provide a sanctuary of wellness that not only understands but celebrates the uniqueness of each journey. Together, we are paving the way for a healthcare environment where every elder walks in with dignity and leaves with their health needs comprehensively met, surrounded by a community that respects and supports their full life story." 

Gabridge says that in addition to serving local LGBTQ+ older adults, the new community centers will offer an opportunity for the organization to learn from the experience to help expand services in other parts of the state. “This is a great opportunity to support and supplement the incredible work our other LGBTQ+ and aging partners are doing across Michigan,” she says. “We’re so excited to see what comes next and to be part of making Michigan a place where LGBTQ+ folks can live vibrant, authentic lives at all ages and stages.”

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