Obituary: Philip Howard Price

Jason A. Michael

Feb. 2, 1948 – Aug. 7, 2020

Phil Price, a longtime member of the Metropolitan Community Church – Detroit, died at home Aug. 7. He was 72.

Originally from Urbana, Ohio, Price graduated from Central Michigan University. Then, somewhere along the way, Price studied to fly and earned his pilot's license, which he renewed every year even after a heart murmur grounded him.

"He loved planes, even after he couldn't fly anymore if he could do anything around planes he was happy," said Eddie Neal-Price, Price's husband.

The two met at a service at MCC-D.

"I had had two strokes myself, and when I was finally able to get better and go out, I prayed about it," Neal-Price said. "I didn't want to go to clubs. So a friend of mine told me about MCC-D and I went to church service that Sunday. Phil was there, and we both went to a Bible study that Wednesday at someone's house. I guess a connection was just made."

In addition to his interest in aviation, Price was an organist who, said Neal-Price, loved flowers.

"Just the way his face lit up when he talked about two things: aviation and flowers. I don't know why flowers, but flowers were such a joy for him."

Until recently, Price was working as a counselor at the Detroit Behavioral Institute, but he was injured at work and left paralyzed on the right side of his body.

Neal-Price said it's the little things about his husband he will miss the most.

"He loved his coffee in the morning, but he would never get that coffee before kissing me good morning," he said. "Every day, without fail, he'd make sure he said good morning to me and kissed me good morning."

Along with Neal-Price, Price is survived by two children, Stephanie De Angelis of Philadelphia and Catherine Novak of Grand Rapids, as well as three grandchildren. He also leaves behind two sisters, Emily Denes and Nevelyn Applegate.


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