Question for a Dear

1 Drivers get off on it
5 Guitarist Eddie Van ___
10 Like sex with protection
14 Nevada neighbor
15 Manhandle
16 Opposed to, to Jethrene Bodine
17 Walk-way connector
18 Flashy Chevy, for short
19 Porn actor Sulik
20 Condom, in slang
21 Start of a question asked of 1-Down
23 Like premature ejaculation
25 Tickled pink
26 Prepares for press
27 Juicy fruits
29 "Hoedown" composer Copland
31 Big Lovely band singer
36 End of the question
40 Corduroy rib
41 Cheri once of SNL
42 "Myra Breckinridge" author Vidal
43 Woody woe
45 Like many a "Hairspray" review
47 Famous artist "of Finland"
48 Golden Girl McClanahan
49 "Modern Family" network
52 Cause of Apr. angst
54 What 1-Down says she has, to answer the question
60 "Baby Doll" director Kazan
61 Like phone sex
62 Hung jury event
64 Ball of film
65 Handle a shrew, for Shakespeare
66 "Love Affair" costar Dunne
67 Unit of force
68 Killed, to King James
69 "She Bop" singer Lauper

1 Dear ___ (advice columnist Mark Hagen)
2 A good place to keep lube
3 Fruity rum drink
4 Acidity nos.
5 Utter chaos
6 Aid's partner
7 Prot. denomination
8 Look up to
9 Andersen's "The Darning-___"
10 Mideast peacemaker
11 With a wide-open mouth
12 Penalized, as a speeder
13 Mireille of _Hanna_
21 Cul-___
22 Bob Marley, e.g.
24 Maryland, and others
27 Trent of Mississippi
28 "What does she see ___?"
30 Socrates' P on paper
32 HRC, e.g.
33 Britten's bit of tea
34 Deli sandwich
35 Agenda listing
36 How to compensate for your lover's absence?
37 Camus, by birth
38 The Gay '90s, for one
39 Like some war, ironically
40 Tip of what a missile launcher may shoot off
44 Choice marble
46 Like many a Paul Cadmus painting
50 Chiwetel Ejiofor's "Kinky ___ "
51 Pinkish yellow
53 "Pardon me"
55 Shakespeare's Hamlet, e.g.
56 Edna, for one
57 Used airplanes
58 Love, to Amelie Mauresmo
59 Material for Sylvia Beach?
63 Island necklace

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