1 Ones stuck under G-strings, e.g.
5 "Downton Abbey" neckwear
10 Mistake for Paul Taylor
14 Chocolate sandwich
15 Joe of "NCIS"
16 Go in only partway, at the beach
17 Start of a Mike Pence "quote" attributed by Bill Maher
20 Switch positions
21 Minor scrape
22 Wet area around bushes
23 Makes alterations to
24 Fraiser portrayer
28 What the Devil wears, in a movie
30 More frigid
31 Angry in., for example
32 Trick joint, maybe
36 More of the "quote"
37 Discharge on one's face
38 More of the "quote"
39 Legal matter
40 Land of Emma Donoghue
41 Hagar's dog
42 Enjoys phone sex
44 Gather closely
45 Two-footerS?
48 Org. for narcs
49 Gave the slip to
50 John of "Hairspray"
55 End of the "quote"
57 Taking care of business
58 Cut out
59 Coin of Versace's homeland
60 Walk the waiting room
61 Prefix with dog
62 "Brady Bunch" prefix

1 Do that may need hair spray
2 Sea bordering Uzbekistan
3 Top Four game
4 Where Dr. C. Torres works
5 Leslie in "Gone with the Wind"
6 Cuddle in bed
7 Tent site
8 The Plastic ___ Band
9 High-ranking active partners?
10 Queen of diamonds and queen of spades, e.g.
11 Steven Greenberg, for one
12 Bonehead
13 Bill of legend
18 Put forward
19 Cultivated pansies
24 Catwoman portrayer Eartha
25 Off-the-wall feedback?
26 One with flaming pants?
27 Pick a time to become wives
28 Benjamin Britten's Peter
29 One way to have your meat
31 Golda from the land of the cut
33 Have an opening for
34 British peer
35 Feminizing tail
37 "I Shall Not Care" poet Sara
41 Gracefully tactful
43 Adam and Steve's locale?
44 Presided over
45 Jazz genre
46 Ex of one we hope will soon be an ex-president
47 "___ Room"
48 Tee shot for Rosie Jones
50 Peter or Paul but not Mary
51 Mail carriers at Hogwarts
52 Debussy's milk
53 British car wheel
54 Lickety-split
56 Cruising locale



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