In late October, local and internationally known figures active in building a new, more humane economy will convene in Detroit for a groundbreaking conference and collaborative discussion. Titled 'ReImagining Work', the meeting will take place at Focus:HOPE from Oct 28-30.
"This is an extraordinary time on the clock of the world," according to Grace Lee Boggs, reknowned activist and author of 'The Next American Revolution'. "All over the planet, people are pursuing alternatives to the economics of greed, over- consumption and destruction of the eco-system."
Participants will explore efforts by grassroots organizations to create new ways of living out of of the devastation of a dying postindustrial economy. They will emphasize how people are developing sustainable, cooperative and transformative economic and social relationships while reinvigorating democratic action.
Guest speakers Vandana Shiva, Grace Lee Boggs, Gar Alperovitz, Frank Joyce, Jenny Lee, Ron Scott, Gloria Lowe, Shea Howell and others, will discuss the profound opportunities offered by the accelerating decline of the jobs based economy. As we evolve beyond it, attendees will be encouraged to share their vision of what "work" looks like .
"It's no accident that this meeting is being held in Detroit," says Gloria Lowe, founder of 'We Want Green Too!', and eastside Detroit activist. "We have been among the first to see both the collapse of an unsustainable economic system and the birth of new ways of thinking and doing the work of being human."
The 'ReImagining Work' Conference was launched by the Boggs Center to nurture community leadership,in partnership with East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Allied Media Conference, Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Putting the Neighbor Back In the 'Hood, Damon Keith for Civil Rights and Focus:HOPE.
To register or view a detailed schedule of events, visit the website, or

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