Remembering Henri


1 Embarrass with porn, perhaps
6 "Dancing Queen" band
10 WNBA star Rebecca
14 Nephew of Donald Duck
15 Jacques of song
16 Doctor Zhivago
17 Young girl of old comics
18 Cotton pod at Tara
19 And others, for Caesar
20 Village People song with the line "Everybody is a star"
23 They work under 5-Down
24 Keanu's role in "The Matrix"
25 Went down on loudly
27 Big name in hair care
31 Elevator pioneer Elisha
32 With 46-Across, Village People song about invincible songs
34 Pockets stuffed with meat
38 Alt-rock genre
39 "The L Word," and others
42 Rough stuff underground
43 Fosse field
46 See 32-Across
49 With mouth wide open
52 Bites the head off of, perhaps
53 Hit the skids
56 Places for Dr. Kerry Weaver
57 D.C. lobby group
58 Village People song about the Big Apple
63 Steamed up
65 Muscle Mary stat
66 Wet spot on a blanket of sand
67 Auction web site
68 Sailing the Pacific, e.g.
69 Flaming queen's quality
70 Ready to be eaten
71 Choose not to come
72 Not as many

1 Weight loss product
2 Big asset
3 Rita Mae Brown, e.g. (abbr.)
4 Advice to a bottom who wants to be on top?
5 Dr. Kim, and others
6 Name on a column
7 Nags beat them
8 Village People producer Henri (1936-2019)
9 Closet-emptying cry?
10 Tough cleaner
11 Really queer
12 Burn on the rear of a steer
13 Lubricates
21 Rifles
22 Plumbing problem
26 Greek consonant
27 Reproduced without sex, for short
28 Teacher in "The King and I"
29 Soon, long ago
30 Orton's bathroom
33 Butter portion
35 Love yourself, with "off"
36 "Aida" solo
37 Religious splinter group
40 Acidity nos.
41 Lorca's guy
44 Tin roof animal of Tennessee?
45 Ghostbusters role
47 Set boundaries
48 Like some pricey items at Barneys
50 Britten's "Billy Budd" and more
51 Village People song with a Horace Greely quote
53 "Queen Christina" star
54 Rehoboth Beach setting
55 Aggressive sort
57 Like a Piper in a fairy tale
59 Anthem starter
60 Voyeur's confession
61 Kind of jack
62 North Sea feeder
64 Head job?






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