Remembering Jerry

1 Spread out on the breakfast table
5 What Trump calls "fake news"
10 Meadow sounds
14 Stick it in your bunghole
15 Online exaggeration?
16 Like some twins
17 Jerry Herman musical based on "The Matchmaker"
19 Jerry Herman musical about an auntie
20 Top choice
21 Stopped sitting for Diana Davies?
23 Leather pelts, e.g.
25 Hotel quote
26 Kahlo's cash
29 Early Peruvian
32 "Exotica" director Egoyan
33 Singer O'Connor
35 Rear on board
38 Jerry Herman musical about a gay couple that runs a drag club
41 Lodge man
42 Couch potato's tool
43 Alan of "The Aviator"
44 Big name in cutters
45 "The Celluloid Closet" author Vito
46 Eat alive
49 "Terminal Bar" playwright Paul
52 Mary Cassatt and Michelangelo
55 Gets a foamy head
59 "We ___ a Little Christmas" (song from 19-Across)
60 Song from 38-Across that became a gay anthem
62 Madonna's "Truth or ___"
63 Plumed wader
64 Pennsylvania city
65 Biathlete's slats
66 Portia de ___
67 Actor Auberjonois

1 Newspaper publisher Adolph
2 Co-founder of MGM
3 First name in detective stories
4 Word sung with a long O?
5 Changed from red to pink
6 It comes ahead of mentioned
7 KFC rank
8 Outed, for example
9 Lid problem
10 Grieve over
11 Word used to stop seamen
12 Anouk of "Lola"
13 You can go down on them in winter
18 Cole Porter's Miss
22 Madrid museum
24 Like the bodies of ballet dancers
26 Needing some South Beach rays
27 List ender
28 Batman word like "Pow!" and "Bam!"
30 Shout at an open call
31 Colette's coffee
33 Baldwin's "The Evidence of Things Not ___ "
34 Alpo alternative
35 Start of a Shakespearean title
36 They may start a dragnet
37 ___ Wu of verse
39 Big squares above crossword clues
40 Response to Margaret Cho
44 Moves like Rudolf Nureyev
45 Novelist ___ Mae Brown
46 Smooths
47 Need lubricating, maybe
48 "Scary Movie" Cheri
50 Cary of "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"
51 "Gross Anatomy" actress Christine
53 Stadium level
54 Palm starch
56 Land of Emma Donoghue
57 Prince's purple precipitation
58 Nemesis of Tinkerbell
61 Dalloway title


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