R&H Goes Pop

1 Blows away
5 Affleck's "Chasing Amy" crush
10 Potatoes high in sugar
14 Robin Williams title role
15 What a knight sticks in his enemy
16 Morales of "Resurrection Blvd."
17 Cartoonist Peter
18 Kofi once of the UN
19 Hottie in a bar
20 R&H classic of 1951
23 Early preposition
24 Cheated, slangily
25 Ogles a package, perhaps
27 A. Earhart concern
28 Dam problems
33 Sound of three men in a tub
34 "La Dolce Vita" director
36 Bride and bride's vehicle
37 Song from 20-Across reimagined for two men in "R&H Goes Pop"
41 Fingered
42 Ask on bended knee
43 "Lesbians ignite!" for example
45 Phallic fish hunter
46 Opposite of neg.
49 Gabe of "Welcome Back, Kotter"
51 Rosie's ex
53 Episodes with Dr. Kerry Weaver
54 The H of R&H
59 "Mrs. Doubtfire" attire
61 Bea Arthur's Findlay
62 Wealthy one
63 Have a thing for
64 Popular hero of Lorca's land
65 "… against ___ of troubles" (Shakespeare)
66 Belgian river
67 Barriers that sound like lesbians?
68 Overly brainy sort

1 First name in mysteries
2 Campbell's Soup can painter
3 "The Importance of Being ___ "
4 Used tongues
5 "American Beauty" screenwriter Ball
6 Mild oath
7 Jodie in a remake of 20-Across
8 Big name in shoes
9 Turns on
10 "Let's do it!"
11 Rock in a very large belt
12 Amelie of tennis
13 Russell/Kreiger musical
21 Screws around
22 Tag antagonists
26 ___ once (like simultaneous orgasm)
29 If that fails
30 Dress with a flared bottom
31 "Roots" family head
32 Wolf's warning
34 Castro not of Castro Street
35 Frasier's response to a client
37 How to do a musical about the Witches of Oz?
38 Oscar nominee for "The Hours"
39 Old playbill from a Broadway show, e.g.
40 Lends an ear
44 "Yay!"
46 Tickle pink
47 Dickens-based Broadway musical
48 Singer O'Connor
50 "A Streetcar ___ Desire"
52 Hawke of _Hamlet_
55 Bamako's country
56 What you rake in a smear campaign
57 Warhol pal ___ Sedgwick
58 Cincinnati team
60 Lang. of the von Trapps



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