1 O'Neal of _The Bad News Bears_

6 Bend over

10 Direction from Stephen Pyles

14 In concert

15 Bedrock pet

16 Cosmetics businessman Laszlo

17 Start of the response to "Be yourself" in _Rocketman_

20 Wilde, for example

21 Treat, as seawater

22 Edvard Grieg's land (abbr.)

23 Canine from Kansas

24 Gore Vidal, ___ Edgar Box

27 More of the response

33 With 39-Across, _Corydon_ author

35 Kirsten of _Spider-Man_

36 "A drop of golden sun"

37 Iditarod terminus

38 Director Gus Van ___

39 See 33-Across

40 More of the response

42 More of the response

45 Plea made on one's knees

47 Acapulco article

48 Blows it

49 Mustangs of the NCAA

50 Meas. for Dr. Kildare

53 End of the response

57 Big sticks

58 Have top billing

59 Robert of HIV research

60 With respect to

61 Continent of Cho's parents

62 Moon in _Return of the Jedi_

63 Bombed, on Broadway

64 Mary-land athlete?

65 Odometer button



1 Dances like Hines

2 Where to find Moby Dick

3 Tugboat sound

4 Remove, as a nametag

5 Hollywood district

6 Gets the bottom line

7 Civil uprising

8 Anderson Cooper's network

9 Wieners

10 Best buy for WNBA tickets

11 Michael Buble's "___ Little Tenderness"

12 Part of ILGA (abbr.)

13 What an athletic supporter might do?

18 Land of Sinead O'Connor

19 Itty-bitty, to Baudelaire

23 First extra inning

24 Network of _Wedding Wars_

25 "If I'd only ___!"

26 "Thou shalt not ___ adultery"

28 Childcare writer LeShan

29 Like the Seven Dwarfs

30 Diva's performance

31 My fair one, on Broadway

32 Color for Easter eggs

34 Went back to homophobia

38 Eyes, in a gay bar

39 Family docs

41 On the spot

43 Salt's saint

44 Like a chicken to a chicken hawk

46 Fly over the equator

49 Jock's Johnson support

50 Causes of sneezes

51 Amanda Seyfried flick of 2009

52 Stallion's sound

53 Collette of _The Hours_

54 Fairy-tale monster

55 Grizzly's hideaway

56 Social activist Addams

57 Top


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