Rom-com, All Ye Faithful


1 "I've never done this before," et al.

5 Lorca's room

9 "The Great Masturbator" painter

13 "Be that ___ may…"

14 Small songbird

15 Hot to trot

16 Uncommon, to Nero

17 Melissa Etheridge's "___ It Heavy"

18 Q to a Scrabble player

19 She plays Harper in 54-Across

22 _Julia_ costar Maximilian

23 Big name in soft balls

24 Rotary phone feature

26 Eleanor's husband's middle name

30 Gay history mo.

33 "I've had better…"

35 Wife of Buck's Wang

36 She plays Abby in 54-Across

40 _Mod Squad_ character

41 Antibiotic target

42 Gomer's Sgt. Carter, for one

43 Penetrating

46 Hoppers, in Barry Humphries' land

48 Tibetan holy man

50 Gives voice to

54 Gay Christmas rom-com to be released in November

58 Loads

59 South Korea's Syngman

60 Bucks prefix

61 Peter by the piano

62 Will of _The Waltons_

63 Get ready for action

64 Maria's "do" equivalent

65 They may be split

66 Admission exams



1 Sows one's seed, etc.

2 Hayes of _South Park_

3 Canoe material

4 Killed a vampire, Buffy style

5 Tchaikovsky ballet

6 N. Mex. neighbor

7 Big dictator of Nureyev's land

8 Chipped in

9 Computer information path

10 Month in the land of the cut

11 Taylor of _I Shot Andy Warhol_

12 Fateful March day

20 She's George

21 Anal insertion procedure (abbr.)

25 "Big Boned Gal" singer

27 _American Beauty_ screenwriter Ball

28 Undercover crack investigator

29 Atop

30 Abbreviated Broadway musical?

31 Singer Williamson

32 Windshield feature

34 Belgian border river

37 Michelangelo was one

38 Suit bottom

39 Be a ham in "Hamlet"?

44 Mai ___ cocktail

45 Come out

47 Terence's family

49 White as a ghost

51 Former NFL player Tuaolo

52 Big name in synonyms

53 Moves the ball between one's legs

54 Full house, e.g.

55 Protected, to seamen

56 Sweater?

57 Began a hole, with "off"


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