Siena Liggins Will Steal Your Girlfriend and Give Her Body Confidence, Too

Only a few months after the success of her pop song "Flowerbomb," Siena Liggins is back with the release of her second single, "Naked," out today — with a tailor-made campaign to promote body confidence, too. Liggins said she got the inspiration for the track when she observed that the pressure of societal beauty standards can affect anyone.

"I wrote the song following an encounter and interaction I was having with this girl who was incredibly beautiful by societal standards," Liggins said. "She was a model and she was involved in pageantry and very, what I like to call sometimes, 'obviously pretty.' Because, according to the standards of what people find pretty now, she fits into the boxes."
However, Liggins said that despite her fitting into those beauty ideals, she would frequently would "tear herself apart." It was one particular instance that stuck out to Liggins most.
"We were together and she was just standing in the mirror and she was saying, 'I bet you hate this about me,' or, 'I bet you can't stop looking at the way my stomach looks when I turn this way, and my arms,'" Liggins said. "But we couldn't go anywhere without people trying to talk to her and telling her how beautiful she was and what was even crazier was at the same time that she was saying this, I was sitting there and I was saying to myself, 'Wow, how did I land her?' I was having my own sort of internal dialogue of my own insecurities at play."
That's how "Naked" came to be. Originally a love letter to the person she was dating, it morphed into a song dedicated to women and building up and maintaining their body confidence. Through a dedicated #LetsGetNaked campaign featuring fellow female artists in a variety of mediums — like Flint Eastwood, Tiny Jag, Erin McConnell and more — Liggins shared a series of short videos posted to her Instagram account all about loving oneself.
"The campaign is a way to sum up the lead up to the song, but I live these conversations all the time. I'm always thinking about these things, especially I think because I make my music for women — and I love women," Liggins said with a laugh. "I think I grew up in a household and setting where women have always been the foundation of my confidence and my empowerment. And I am always trying to do things to uplift them because that uplifts me and that makes me feel better about myself and it affirmed me in a way."
The video Liggins is making to accompany "Naked" demonstrates that concept, too, by featuring an intentionally diverse cast of women. She is working on it with Nick Margetic who has worked artists Tee Grizzley, Lil Yachty, Sada Baby, Sam Austins and more. Liggins said that it was valuable to her that the feeling of empowerment and confidence in the video could be felt by all women who watch it.
"That still shot that opens the video that lines the girls up was really my first thought of what I wanted to make the video for," she said. "I had this idea of just a row of people who were very diverse women specifically. It was very difficult casting because we live in Detroit and not everyone identifies as a model, but it was a really huge and awesome challenge for me to go out and find models and go out and say, 'No, you are. You absolutely fit the bill for this, whether 'model' is in your title or not.'"
When asked what she hopes the impact of her song, campaign and video together will be, her answer was clear: confidence that lasts.
"It's a great feeling that I can influence peoples' lives and open up those conversations with people and we can get to a point where those pressures aren't as heavy," Liggins said. "I hope we can have confidence that runs deeper that isn't so contingent upon those (societal) shifts."
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