Some bigots are ‘more equal than others’

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Dear BTL,
I’m totally devastated by what happened Nov. 2, and I can’t help wondering how many of the two million-plus people who voted to pass Michigan’s Proposal 2 are divorced, have engaged in extramarital affairs, or have been known to participate in, er, non-traditional activities in the privacy of their own bedrooms? I’m not talking “moral values” here, I’m talking unmitigated hypocrisy, American-style.
I certainly hope those loving, tolerant “Christian” people who voted to pass these anti-marriage equality amendments are very proud of themselves right now. (Look at all the spiritual good they’ve done so far.) I also wonder how the so-called “values voters” could, in all conscience, elect a narrow-minded, deceitful and bigoted man who viciously attacked an already brutalized country for no reason other than it looked vaguely suspicious of doing something it hadn’t done yet, and didn’t have the means to do in the first place. How “moral” is that? While we’re on the topic of moral values, the Shrub’s chief henchman “Tricky” Dick Cheney owns nearly half a million shares in a Godzilla corporation that mass-produces instruments of death and destruction, yet he voted against Meals on Wheels for senior citizens. Duh? And these men supposedly represent “moral values” for the rest of us? Then again, what could we possibly expect from a consistently backward nation where institutionalized slavery was tolerated for 300 years, where women were denied the right to vote until 1920 and black men were still being lynched in the 1960s?
Maybe nothing much has changed. Maybe, despite all the bloody wars we’ve fought to protect and ensure our freedom, American isn’t quite ready for full equality yet. It’s possible, but it makes me feel ashamed nevertheless. I thought we were all American citizens. Remember that line from George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Welcome to George W. Bush’s Animal Farm, y’all.
Claudia Eddy

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