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Michigan’s Stand With Trans Is Recruiting Young Trans Writers for Digital Pub Thanks to Tegan and Sara

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With funds from a grant provided by the Tegan and Sara Foundation, Stand with Trans is launching a three-edition digital newspaper by and for transgender and non-binary youth. Stand with Trans is a Michigan-based organization that supports transgender and non-binary youth along with their families. Currently, there are six openings available for this paid position that is open to teens ages 13 to 19. Participants will be expected to contribute to all three issues with compensation of either $300 or $100 per issue.

Published on Stand with Trans’ site and its social media channels, the project will provide leadership opportunities and the ability to hone one’s skills in writing, art, digital publishing and organization.

“We had a pilot of this newspaper last fall where we did just one edition with the youth just to see how it would go and how they responded to it,” said Cameron Parkins, communications manager for Stand with Trans. “The kids loved it.”

Using last year’s example, Parkins said, it will up to the teens to create future editions as they see fit. They will have creative control.

“We’re just here to make sure they have the resources they need,” Parkins said.

The only real requirement is that the applicants are teens with an interest in writing, design or art, Parkins said.

“It gives them a chance to be published and get their feet wet to the process of writing and editing and producing a product.”

Another stated goal is for published issues to give allies insight into the lives of transgender and non-binary youth and topical issues that affect the community.

Applicants need not be residents of Michigan; any transgender or non-binary teen nationwide may apply.

Currently, Stand with Trans President and Executive Director Roz Keith is scheduling interviews as applications are submitted. Stand with Trans staff hopes to begin the project at the end of April.

Parkins agreed it was significant that the youth will be compensated for this opportunity to build their skills because it will serve as a way to help them stay engaged in the project.

“It’s exciting that we’re able to offer that to them as a little extra pocket money,” Parkins said.

Founded by musician and activist twins Tegan and Sara Quin, the Tegan and Sara Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ women and girls. This mission is founded on a commitment to feminism and racial, social and gender justice. To apply visit this link.

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