The First Woman Elected

1 Producers of rainbows
6 Words before about
10 Nicky, in "Funny Girl"
14 Seminal computer
15 "The Great Masturbator" painter
16 Second opening?
17 Port in the land of samurai
18 Patsy's "Ab Fab" partner
19 Lodge members
20 Start of a quote by Jeannette Rankin, first woman to be elected to the House
23 Mean Amin
24 Medium for Frasier Crane
25 JFK posting
28 Hoopla
30 "Curbing lesbianism" advocate May of the UK
34 More of the quote
37 Michelangelo masterpiece
38 Sauce brand
39 Lubed up
42 Like a poor excuse
43 That is, to Cicero
45 More of the quote
47 Pardons
50 Directional ending
51 Organ pleasured by Bernstein
52 "My place or ___?"
54 Sex toy battery size
56 End of the quote
63 1847 Melville novel
64 Gather, after spilling seed
65 Urvashi Vaid's birthplace
66 Burning software
67 Woods of "Legally Blonde"
68 Physics Nobelist Bohr
69 Go off, on Broadway
70 Phillippe of "Gosford Park"
71 Lavatory door sign

1 Sneaky Pie cry
2 ___ many words
3 Thailand, once
4 George of _Star Trek_
5 Series with gay veep Cyrus Beene
6 Baltic Sea feeder
7 George of "Robot Monsters"
8 Dated
9 Saudi Arabian capital
10 Part of the Musketeers' credo
11 Soda shop treat
12 Ornament in "Cleopatra," perhaps
13 Deep pink
21 Senatorial staffers
22 Wasn't straight
25 Month of the National Day of Silence
26 Novelist Charles
27 Big name in synonyms
29 Night stalker
31 Give the slip to
32 Cel mate of Nala
33 "Do" in "The Sound of Music"
35 Beat around the bush
36 Rilke's ice
40 "Evita" narrator
41 Islam's sacred text
44 Horny sound
46 Forever young
48 1930's-40's villain
49 Without restraint
53 Milano opera house, with "la"
55 Bill T. Jones' partner Zane
56 Cutting edge creator
57 Financial page heading
58 Petty of "Orange Is the New Black"
59 What you do at the other end
60 Genie portrayer Barbara
61 Russian River deposit
62 Give some lip to


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