The Frivolist: 6 Loud and Proud Pride Accessories to Pride Up Your Pride Lewk


If you're not dripping in head-to-toe rainbow this Pride season, are you even Priding? Lock down your lewks with these somewhere-over-the accessories that'll make a haus begin to pitch.

1. Toms Unity Collection

Toms Unity Collection canvas classics for men and women have a rainbow connection in a multicolor text style that features uplifting words and phrases like "love," "shine" and "one4one" in a handwritten print plus an inverse version save for a ROYGBIV triangle on top and Pride flag on the heel. Perfect for stomping out hate and homophobia all year round. $60,

2. Echo x WorldPride 2019

In June, WorldPride lands in the center of the universe to celebrate inclusivity and diversity around the globe and commemorate the 50th anniversary of NYC's Stonewall riots. Cause your own chaos decked out in Echo x WorldPride 2019 accessories, including headbands, bandanas, travel wraps and more featuring the month-long celebration's official logo. $12-$29,

3. Tipsy Elves Pride Line

Keep your Pride essentials at your fingertips with Tipsy Elves' super-camp (because who needs the Met Gala?) Pot of Gold fanny pack with suspenders or suit up in a selection of other rainbow fashion statements like its Love Is Love leggings or hooded horizontal-stripe onesie that'll only enhance your assets. 10% of all Pride sales benefit the Trevor Project. $12-$80,

4. Stephen McDermott enamel pins

Insta influencer and wearable goods designer Stephen McDermott wants you to stick it to prudes and bullies with his extensive line of provocative enamel pins that includes Disney Princess-inspired jock straps, reimagined Zodiac signs of nude men and a wrestler performing the controversial "butt drag" on his opponent. A whole new collection will debut at RuPaul's DragCon LA (and subsequently for sale online), celebrating Tom of Finland, glitter unicorns and something called Camp Cockalot, which, we'll take the versatile bunk, please. $9-$17,

5. 2(X)IST

Is it even Pride if 2(X)IST doesn't have something with which to barely cover you? This year's collection is a gay leprechaun's wet dream with rainbow cropped joggers, shorts, swim briefs and trunks, and when you get down to the nitty-gritty, a couple kaleidoscopic jock straps to hang on his hotel doorknob. Through June, 2(X)IST will donate $1 per sale from the collection to The Audre Lorde Project, TGI Justice Project and Montana Two Spirit Society. $24-$75,

6. JanSport backpacks

As LGBTQ people, it sometimes feels like we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but JanSport can help with that. It's line of Pride-themed bags, mini-bags, not-so-traditional traditional backpacks, and fanny packs (or "fag bags" as people called them in the '90s – so yeah, appropriate) is a comfortable option to stow all your Pride-festival swag, sunscreen, makeup, costume changes, and maybe even your feelings if you start to catch 'em for that fucc boi over there. $17-$42,