"The Last Picture Show"

Q Puzzle

1 London mayor Johnson
6 Warning from Toto
9 Wet spot on a blanket of sand
14 In-your-face
15 "Don we now ___ gay apparel …"
16 Horny creature
17 *Gay actor who dubbed some lines in 39-Across for 62-Across after his death
19 Ingrid Bergman's "A Woman Called ___ "
20 Bambi character that wasn't horny?
21 High-pitched cries, doggy-style
22 *Leslie portrayer Elizabeth
23 Strip
25 Arenas' month
26 Prefix that may have sex
27 *Angel portrayer
32 Places to discover the "gay gene"
35 Glenn Burke, formerly
37 Mortimer, with a wooden head
38 Actor with B.D. Wong on _Law & Order: SVU_
39 *Last movie of 62-Across
41 Rogers of "Common Ground"
42 Lover of Henry and June
44 Family diagram
45 Cumming on "The L Word"
46 *Luz portrayer McCambridge
48 Aspen hrs.
50 Rainbow flag sticker site, often
51 Comes out
55 *Bick portrayer Rock
59 Actress Kunis of "Gia"
60 "Breakfast on Pluto" actor Stephen
61 Uranian, for example
62 *Gay icon who died Sept. 30, 1955
64 Where some may lie
65 Thurman of "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"
66 Cut
67 Sounds like Fierstein
68 Porter's "I ___ a Kick Out of You"
69 Presbyterian minister Jane


1 Had sex with
2 Like Mary's follower
3 Summary by Kenneth Turan
4 Piss off
5 The Bee Gees' "___ Alive"
6 Pop one's cork
7 Key West cocktail ingredients
8 Monopoly foursome (abbr.)
9 Coming attractions?
10 "Hey, sailor!"
11 Place for a hot pie
12 Prefix with European
13 Fly like an eagle
18 Greg Louganis specialty
22 No. in a little black book
24 Like a Radical Faeries' gathering site
25 1914 battle site of Cocteau's country
27 "Growing Up Gay in the South" author James
28 Man in the can
29 Producer Meron
30 "The gay ___ Bombeck" (Michael Thomas Ford nickname)
31 Top Norse deity
32 Neeson of "Kinsey"
33 Problem for skin
34 Hairy one in the den
36 Pop measure
40 Stephen Spender novel, with _The_
43 What Stephen Pyles makes you come back for
47 Advice columnist Savage
49 9-Down, e.g.
51 Target before shooting off
52 Gladiator area
53 Concern for boxers
54 Less nuts
55 "Sodomy" musical
56 Bone below the elbow
57 "I called it!"
58 Penetrate slowly
59 Jerry Herman musical
62 Moonshine container, for Gomer
63 Stick your chip in it


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