This Ferndale Pride Performer Knows Where Your Power Lies

Metro Detroit musician set to spin on Ferndale Pride Dance Stage

Sarah Bricker Hunt

Ahead of her appearance at 6 p.m. June 3 on the Ferndale Pride Dance Stage, Pride Source spent some time getting to know DJ and music producer Alexa Rae Neff, aka RAEDY LEX, a 33-year-old Pittsburgh-born musician who has spent the past decade calling Metro Detroit home.

As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, Neff’s success has been hard-fought and has required intentional efforts to break through the gender barrier. “Honestly, it is very challenging to work in male-dominated industries,” acknowledges Neff, who uses both she/her and they them pronouns. “But I do my best to focus on what I can control.”

Neff says when she accepts a show, she makes sure there is at least one other women or person of color on the lineup. “I make sure to encourage and support women and their projects so our voices are heard. I also make sure the men I am partnering with are allies willing to do the work to help women as a whole. I’ve been blessed to connect with some true allies who have helped me get to where I am today.”

Neff’s career has primarily focused on live DJ performances, but she’s also been learning music production for the past few years. Her single “Like That” is available to stream everywhere.

In her own words, here are seven things you should know about Ferndale Pride performer RAEDY LEX.

1. It's [RAY-dee leks] Yes, it's RAEDY not "ready." RAEDY LEX is a play on my name, "Alexa Rae." I chose to use that also as my performer name prior to me becoming a DJ. When I first began, I wanted my name to be different but still embody me, so I switched my middle name and first name with some adjustments and RAEDY LEX was born. I also love how it's a play on words. I use "RAEDY" instead of "ready" and "LEX" instead of "let's" in my branding — "RAEDY LEX gooooo."2. Vegan and gluten-free 

I follow a vegan and gluten-free diet, but man does this human like to eat. You can usually find a snack in my DJ bag, and it's generally the only request on my riders. I have an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis (UC), which makes me have to be very careful what I eat. I've been on a long journey of healing and finding comfort. I am currently on a daily medication and get infusions every eight weeks. I share this to let all who suffer know that we are not alone.

3. A passion for cannabis 

So blessed to work in the cannabis space and to represent queer folks in the business. I am the Retail Marketing Manager for three brands: LIV Cannabis (we are so proud to be the Naming Sponsors for Ferndale Pride this year!), Pure Lapeer Canna and Xplore Canna. It's an honor to know and to grow with our teams. I'm passionate about what cannabis can do for our planet. I speak adamantly about the power of the plant and how they work for my UC.

4. Flow Arts

Before I began DJing, I used to be heavily involved in Flow Arts. I've been a Lane Performer for Theatre Bizarre since 2018 and worked with larger productions such as Electric Forest and Dirtybird as well. Love getting to create and connect with LGBTQA artists. I am a proud and avid supporter of the arts as a whole. Julia Music, founder of Ferndale Pride, even let me do a fire performance back in 2017 at Ferndale Pride. So, so stoked to be back and to now have the opportunity to DJ at the Dance Stage.

5. Movement Electronic Music Festival 

I've been going to Movement since 2005, when it was DEMF. This human loves techno and the city of Detroit. A friend of mine lied to my parents (my parents were very strict Christians and I was a horrible liar) and took me to Hart Plaza. Forever changed my life for the better and I've only missed two since Movement events then.

6. Elie and Torvi 

I have two pitbull mixes, Elie and Torvi. We rescued them from a Humane Society in 2019. They're so smart and lovely. They like long walks, playing at the dog parks, pupsicles, and snuggling with their moms.

7. "Like That"

I just dropped my first track "Like That" that I produced with Tom Uncommon. For me, "Like That" means do and be whomever you want. I even used my own voice in the track to make it even more of a statement from me to the whomever needs to hear it. So, so proud of myself and grateful for my partner Tom Uncommon's help with bringing this to life. As well as Guilty Records for picking up the track, which you can find at

.8. Signing off

I always end my shows the same way every time, by telling the audience:

"Remember to be kind. Remember to be necessary. Remember to be true. And remember to always be you — that is where your power lies."