This weekend, celebrate all Detroit has to offer

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Maybe you’re celebrating your relationship with an early Valentine’s Day weekend trip to the MGM Casino and hotel. Maybe you’re checking out the 200 ft. slide, ice skating and entertainment at the downtown Winter Blast. Maybe you’re checking out some risque artwork at the Dirty Show. Maybe (hopefully) you’re attending the Creating Change Conference. Whatever your reason for being in Detroit this weekend, Between The Lines wants to say, with arms wide open, “Welcome to our city, our state and our home.”
Though it’s not unusual to have big events happening in Detroit, it’s huge to have them all happen at the same time. Sure, it’s no getaway in Acapulco, but it’s pretty darn good for a February weekend in the Motor City. Our recommendation to you: Make the most of your time here in Detroit. Confused about where to go and what to do? Between The Lines is here to help.
If you’ve come to the automotive capital with the one you love, don’t take a page out of Kwame’s book and settle for the Residence Inn. Detroit’s newest renovations, the MGM Grand and the MotorCity Casino, have luxurious, romantic rooms available – and both are offering packages for the time surrounding Hearts Day.
Also, though soaking up the sun in Florida may be some people’s idea of a good vacation, winter can be fun, too. Detroit’s third annual Winter Blast begins this Friday. Celebrate “all things Michigan” – that is, all things except our economy.
Then there’s the Dirty Show. This isn’t one to take the kids to, but for a sneak peak (PG rated, of course) check out page 21 of this issue of BTL.
Then, last but obviously not least in our minds is the Creating Change Conference, which runs through this Sunday.
For those of you who thought you were coming to Detroit for one thing this weekend, think again. With these huge events and all the other smaller ones branching off of them, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the fun. So embrace it! Whether you’re enacting positive changes in your relationship with a weekend trip, changing your view of art at the Dirty Show, changing the way you think of the cold, snowy months at the Winter Blast or creating change through political and social activism, let the spirit of Detroit infect you. Check out our dining, nightlife and vibrant culture. For one weekend, forget about the economy and the war and your personal problems – or at least use the time to take positive action.
This is something to celebrate, whatever your individual reason is for being in Michigan. It definitely doesn’t happen often, but we can only hope it’s a sign of more fun-filled weekends to come that make people want to come to Detroit and make locals proud to call it home.

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