Thousands march in Warsaw

by Rex Wockner


Several thousand people marched in Warsaw's fourth gay pride parade June 7 with the theme "Live, Love, Be."
Counterprotesters from All-Polish Youth and the National Radical Camp yelled insults at the marchers but there were no physical altercations.
A recent poll found that more than two-thirds of Poles wish gays wouldn't broadcast their sexuality.
In 2007, pride organizers won a European Court of Human Rights case against former Mayor Lech Kaczynski, who is now Poland's president, over his attempted ban of the 2005 parade.
The court said the city breached European Convention on Human Rights provisions on discrimination, freedom of association and assembly, and access to an effective remedy.
Asian GLBT groups form new organization
GLBT groups from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have created a network to work jointly on issues that arise in the individual countries, The Jakarta Post reported June 9.
Representatives of the groups met June 2-6 in the Bali tourist resort area of Dusa Nua.
A spokesman for the Indonesian GLBT group Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Flag) told the Post that gay people in those nations face similar problems of discrimination, stigmatization and persecution from religious groups.

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