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Using tile with style

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Bringing tile out of the bathroom and kitchen

When you think of tile, does your design sense go immediately to the bath or kitchen? Yes, it is a perfect material for use in those rooms — but what about the living room, dining room, bedroom, mudroom, patio or garage?
Ceramic tiles are a savvy way to add color and style to your home. Tile has inherent properties that make it suitable for many applications. Tile is made of 100 percent plentiful and natural raw materials — earth, water and fire- – making it an eco-friendly material. Ceramic tile is chemically inert; fungus, mold and mildew won’t grow on tile. When you do see mold or mildew, it is on the grout because an organic residue is present for it to feed on. Tile needs only to be cleaned with hot water, no harsh soaps are necessary. Tile does not collect dust so allergy sufferers can breathe easy. Glazed tile is impervious, meaning that it will not stain.
Tile can help regulate a home’s temperature. For the cold climate, ceramic tile is an excellent heat conductor which maintains its temperature when used with radiant heating systems. Conversely, tile’s natural cooling properties make ceramic a superior choice in hot climates.
While the technical properties of tile are very important, for some it’s all about the style. Tile of Spain branded manufacturers are especially sensitive to this. Using their designers’ sense of style, they have produced tiles in a myriad of colors, textures, patterns and sizes so that your imagination can soar.
In the living room or dining room, consider a wainscot of tile. Tile never has to be painted, it can withstand hard knocks from chairs, it is hygienic and easy to clean. For a more formal style, Natucer offers a tile with the look of brocade.
Tile is an especially good choice for a child’s room. Spills won’t stain. It’s allergen free. And toy cars and buggies roll very smoothly over it. When writing on the walls becomes an issue, tile cleans very easily and won’t need to be re-painted. It will also grow up with your child. Choose a basic color and when your teenager wants to decorate the room, a few area rugs make a quick and easy change. For a boy’s room, choose a weathering steel look from Tau and for a girl’s room a soft color from Roca’s Rainbow series.
Want wood in a mudroom, but are concerned with water damage? Consider wood-inspired ceramic tile. Glazed tile will not absorb water, making it perfect for areas prone to moisture as it will not warp or discolor. Spanish tile manufacturers such as Porcelanosa have developed ceramic tile that resembles real wood so closely, you may have to touch it to believe it. Close attention to color variations and texturing give these tiles the feeling of real wood. They are produced in the same sizes as real wood planks and are available in domestic as well as exotic wood looks.
Outdoor living spaces are all the rage. So make yours something extra special — add decorative tile. Choose an all-over scheme or strategically place decorative tile in a field of solid tile or inset them in concrete. If your outdoor space has a few different areas, such as a kitchen and seating area, design a tile area rug for each space to help set it apart and make it more special. Versatile and Rosa Gres, both Spanish tile manufacturers, produce tile especially for the outdoors. These tiles have special technical properties such as low water absorption to prevent freezing and anti-slip glazes. Consult a tile expert to help determine which tile is appropriate for your application.
Do oil stains drive you crazy on your garage floor? Some ceramic tile is rated to be able to withstand the weight of a car. Why ceramic in the garage? Ease of clean up. Glazed tile will not absorb stains and oil will wipe right off. The trick is to choose a dark grout with your tile. Apavisa, a Spanish tile manufacturer, offers a tile suitable for a garage.
Whether your style is conservative or contemporary, Tile of Spain branded manufacturers have created a tile style for your home. Think out of the box when it comes to tile. Try tile in a room other than the kitchen or bath – you’ll be hooked on the benefits and the style!
For more information about tile from Spain, visit or call (305) 446-4387.

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